Angry Birds Star Wars HD
Offers in-app purchases
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Review from Sean W
Enough Rovio I PAID already. You have my money. I stop forcing me to watch ads. The last update removes the ability to hide ads on the pause menu. Talk about the old bait and switch.


What's New
Join the final battle against the Pig Empire in the exciting conclusion to Angry Birds Star Wars! Play 30 NEW levels and enter the Death Star for an epic showdown with Lard Vader and the Emperor!
NEW LEVELS! 15 space battles featuring a massive Imperial Star Destroyer, plus a final 15 Death Star levels to become a true Jedi Master!
BIGGEST EVER BOSS FIGHT! Use your Jedi skills to defeat the fearsome Lard Vader and Emperor!
LARD VADER UNMASKED! Find out who’s behind the mask in the big finale!


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