Samsung TecTile US,Canada only
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Review from A Google User
Disappointed This has so much promise but two of the things I tested failed. 1) Facebook didn't update. Of was just broken. 2) When you program it to go into airplane mode it turns off NFC - and there's no way to turn that back on. But there's no other way to turn off my Verizon that I can find


What's New
• Ability to program multiple features to a single TecTile
• Expanding the list of settings that can be changed with a TecTile
o Vibrate mode
o Airplane Mode
o Alarm Day set
o Add bookmark to Favorites
o Reminder note
o Timer
o Flashlight
o Change ringtone
• Integrating with more applications
• Google +
• Google Places
• Play song/playlist on Music Player
• Email
• V-card editing capability


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