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I can't believe it's free! This app is very professional in quality, and one I'd gladly pay for. It being free is probably one reason it's so popular, so why not just make a donate option? Heck, just post a PayPal donation link and I'm sure appreciative folks wouldn't mind dropping some change your way. :-) Anyway, I highly recommend this app! It's one of the must-have apps I install first every time I try a new ROM.


What's New
New features:
1. Notification mirror: receive real-time notifications for all user and system apps. (Opt-in and permissions required.)
2. Drag & Drop files to a folder directly, no need to click the Upload button.
3. Send SMS with a file attachment.
Bug fixes & Improvements
1. Files in Tools supports external SD card.
2. Fixed a loading issue in Contacts.
3. Fixed a connection issue for Lite mode.
4. New languages: Norwegian (norsk) and Slovak (slovenčina).
5. Other bug fixes and improvements.


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