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With the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app for Android tablets, you can increase the uptime of mission-critical products and assets and improve the productivity and utilization of your resources anywhere and anytime. This app allows assembly and maintenance personnel to interact with 3D data and animations created with the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise product suite right from their Android tablet.

Key features of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer for Android tablets
• Easily zoom, pan, and rotate data using standard multi-touch gestures
• View animated step-by-step 3D visual work instructions created with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author
• Interact with large, complex 3D CAD assemblies converted with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator
• Select parts or assemblies to view CAD and SAP business information
• Search, hide/show, and isolate parts and assemblies, and hide/show step-by-step instruction text

Note: Data loaded using the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app is stored on the Android device. Several example files are included with this app. These files can be loaded and viewed by simply tapping on a file thumbnail.
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20 sep. 2021

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• Fix association with VDS file extension
• Load VDS files created with VE Author 9 FP11