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A sexual joy and wellness app like no other!

Satisfyer connect is your ticket to a universe of new experiences through Satisfyer’s ever expanding range of Bluetooth connected sexual wellness toys.

No matter your gender, generation, or sexual preferences, or whether you’re an introverted solo player, an extroverted adventure seeker, a couple in a short or long distance relationship, our app provides a range of exclusive features, content, to help you get the most from your personal sensual explorations.

Here is what you’ll get—for free!!!

1. There are countless ways to play and discover!

We mean it! With Satisfyer Connect, you’re not limited to just a few high and low vibrations presets for a few tired toys. You’re free to experience Satisfyer’s diverse range of Bluetooth toys, using our beautifully intuitive haptic (touch) controls, or download from a constantly expanding online library of stimulation programs.

Mix and match to try out something unexpected—you can use up to 4 toys simultaneously, if you’re open to it!

But why limit the fun to yourself? Express yourself by recording and sharing your own live play sessions. You can even draw the perfect erotic program right on your touchscreen.

And when you’ve found the perfect combination of programs, sit back and experience total bliss as you play them back as an easily customizable automated sequence.

2. Share the joy freely with other people!

The remote partner section of our app offers opportunities to connect with others

is It’s all about interactive erotic experience, no matter whom you choose to share it with, your current partner, or someone new

If you want, Satisfyer connect can be your platform to connect with other open-minded, curious, and sex-positive people from all over the world.
Or with your partner, or both (Ssssh… nobody needs to know)

Control other people’s toys, give up your own toy control or sync them so that all of you share the same sensations at the same time, no matter where in this world you are –Satisfyer connect is borderless - we currently support 30+ languages.

The integrated chat/ call and video call functions guarantee seamless intimate experiences that you’ll get addicted to (be warned!)

3. Go with the flow, you’ll be surprised!
You’re up for more unpredictable adventures? Connect your toys to ambient sounds, leave the house and see what’s gonna happen. You can also hook up your toys to our built-in music player feel your favorite beats…

You see that with Satisfyer connect, anything is possible.
We promise new features coming out constantly!

The experience itself is surprising enough!
And please don’t worry! We take privacy protection seriously and offer easy ways to control your own data footprint.

What are you waiting for? Download now!

Check out our entire universe of sexual wellness toys on
23. mai 2022


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11,2k anmeldelser
Monica K L Fagerland
23. juni 2022
Rå gleda meg til å bruke appen...eller noen andre da.. Mn Nytte ikke å få dem koblet sammen. Veldig Irritabelt.
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Maria Angelique Solbakken
27. mai 2021
Møkka app greit å kanskje ikke charter med alle andre der inne ikke rart folk er utro når de til å med oppfordrer folk til det når de selger sexleketøy sinnsykt!!
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Triple A Marketing GmbH
27. mai 2021
Hello Maria, thank you for your feedback! We are constantly striving to improve our app as well as our products - that's why we take the valuable and helpful feedback from our customers very much to heart. We have forwarded your feedback directly to our developers. Of course, you can always send us your comments and requests directly.
13. mars 2021
Good Bluetooth pairing and easy controls for the vibrator/suction
1 person syntes denne anmeldelsen var nyttig
Syntes du dette var nyttig?
Triple A Marketing GmbH
15. mars 2021
Thank you for your positive feedback! If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Satisfyer Connect app or our products, please feel free to contact our support team ( at any time.


Brace yourselves, summer is coming – and so is our latest release!

Discover version (2.6.2) of the hottest app under the sun:

- new, improved vibration patterns for your pleasure

- meet your needs with categories for every state of arousal: wavy, pulsating patterns for foreplay & continuous, throbbing vibrations for your climax

PLUS: We stand with Ukraine!