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The premier alternative companion app to the official Tesla Motors app.

• Complete Vehicle Monitoring
• Complete Vehicle Control
• Complete Charging Control
• Complete Climate Control
• Android Wear Support
• Samsung Gear Support
• Vehicle Push Notifications
• Automatic Behaviors
• Configurable Widgets - Controls & Charge
• Camper Mode w/ Battery Protection
• Cabin Temperature Protection
• Plug-In Reminder
• Smart Charging
• Trip Meters
• Nearby Charging Sites
• Tesla Referral Program Details
• Real-Time Location & Speed Tracking
• Speed Clocking w/ Graphical Analysis & Data Export
• Model S, 3, X and Y Support
• Vehicle Uncorking Eligibility Detection
• Free Demo Mode
• Free 1-Week Full Access Promotion
• Access Token Sign In
• Fingerprint Sign In
• Configurable
• Data Backup/Restore
• Helpful Tips
• Complete Data Security - TLS & 256-bit AES Encryption
• Lite Data Usage
• Android 4.1+ Support
• 24/7 Support & Maintenance

You deserve an app as luxurious as the Tesla you drive, something the official app has failed to provide and what this app aims to deliver.

There is immense potential for your Tesla right here waiting for you to unlock it. With this companion app you receive complete access to your Tesla remotely from anywhere from any device with incredible support and tons of exclusive features with more being added all the time.

Your sensitive information is of our utmost concern and has been catered to from the very beginning. We treat your privacy no different than how you treat your Tesla. Read our full privacy policy for complete details on what private data we collect and how we keep it extremely secured..

Try out the demo mode completely free, no Tesla account required

Sign in and take part in our 1-Week Full Access Free Trial Promotion!
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19 июн. 2022 г.

Безопасность данных

В этом разделе разработчики могут указать, как приложения собирают и используют данные. Подробнее о безопасности данных…
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1,03 тыс. отзыва
Пользователь Google
14 марта 2020 г.
Просто дублирует функции стандартного приложения Tesla и еще платная ежемесячная подписка! Добавление управления с часов вообще очень глючное! Не пойму за что платить?!😏
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Sergej S
15 апреля 2021 г.
Программа перестала работать,поддержка не отвечает ☹️
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Пользователь Google
20 марта 2019 г.
Can you tell me, how to add one more the car?
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