In Darkness
Review from Colby Butler
Seems unfinished to me. Pros: -Texturing is nice via the Unity 3D engine -$0.99 Cons: -Minimal help for controls in-game(How do I get out of the first room?) -Zero configuration options -Can't invert Y-Axis -No decals when you shoot walls or barrels At this point, I wouldn't really recommend it. I didn't try to get a refund it, but if I had paid more than $1, I probably would have. Hopefully, they'll add some actual features at some point in the future. This game seems to have ALOT of potential judging my the snazzy video, but as I said, I think it needs to go back in the over for a little while longer. If they make any updates, I'll give it another shot. Feature suggestions: -Invert Y-Axis option -Gamepad (sixaxis) support would be awesome -Better help (Don't just dump me into a sealed room)



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