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Confusing After about 6 months of trying to figure this one out I'm about to give up. I have tried to sync important documents between pc and mobile but each time I save changes on mobile I have to use a new name and location. There are many ways to do things on this but I can't understand the differences or what I should use. Why don't they make instructions for anything anymore. I think I'll try other apps?


What's New
* Sync folders and files for offline access to your device's external SD Card
* Add a shortcut to any SugarSync folder to your Android home screen
* Export a file to other Android apps (e.g., GMail, Evernote)
* Receive and accept shared folder invites
* Rename files and folders
* Photos and videos are uploaded at full resolution
* Tablet UI optimization - sidebar width scales to optimal screen ratio
* Bug fixes and performance enhancements