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Review from Emma Olmstead
Love I love this app, way better than soundhound. My little sister is always asking the names of songs/artists in the car and we used to write down lyrics to look up when we got home, but now we don't have to worry about that! Also, I love how it's able to recognize when it's the Glee version (:


What's New
We’ve got a whole new track page design for you in this release. You’ll also get a new look and feel for album & track reviews, artist bios and more. Many song lyrics will now even scroll in time with the music.
Rdio users, you can now add a Shazam track to any of your playlists.
Got a question? Take a look at our community pages on and don’t forget to follow @shazam to keep up to date with all the latest news.
Happy Shazaming!


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