Space Escape - Customise, Explore, Fight!

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À propos de ce jeu

Find your way back to Earth!

- Replayability: every sector can be replayed from scratch or starting from a checkpoint.
- Grind: hundreds of items can be unlocked, from ships to weapons and also internal modules.
- Customisation: edit your loadout to fit your own way to play or to outmatch your enemies.

The game is having multiple sectors where the player will face waves of specific enemies that have their own stats and loots + boss.
Each new unlocked sector is going to be more difficult than the previous, that’s where loots/customization is important to keep-up with this difficulty increase.
Each new unlocked sector is moving the player closer to the Earth, where the endgame content will be.

- Experience points & unlockable permanent talents.
- A shop where you can purchase new equipment for coins.
- A workshop where you can convert collected scrap into new equipment or coins.
- A garage where you can edit your loadout, selecting a ship chassis, a weapon and an internal module.
- Hundreds of equipment to collect through the game.
- Various sectors to explore with their own procedurally generated enemies and handcrafted boss encounters.
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6 oct. 2021

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- New collectibles
- Overall game rebalance
- More items to collect
- 3 new levels
- Reworked UI/UX
- Reworked visuals & sprites
- Better AI
- Enhanced gallery
- New: galactic map
- New: convert your scrap into gold
- Tons of bug fixes