PicSay Pro - Photo Editor
Review from Sofia Mooney
Great app! This is the app I use to enhance my photos, getting fantastic results. I don't even bother using the photo editing programs on my pc anymore. Also prompt (and patient!) support by the developer! Hoping for more stickers to do with my sports / activities: tennis, SCUBA Diving, skiing and photography. ;)
Shinycore January 29, 2013
In the Paint Effect tap the color box at the top to open the color picker, now with the color picker open drag your finger on the photo to get a color from it. The color box will show what color is under your finger.


What's New
Please email us if you have issues.
- Increased maximum editing resolution for high-end devices
- Fixes error when loading or saving small pictures.
- Adds Sport stickers
- Titles with custom fonts can now use all styles
- Improved quality of end result when using Resize to make pictures smaller


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