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Created with the NHS and the UK's Department of Health, The Walk helps you walk more, every single day. When you’re playing The Walk, every step counts.

A bomb explodes in Inverness station, and you’re given a package that could save the world. To stay alive, you’ll need to walk the length of the UK. The Walk is more than just a great pedometer/step counter — it's a way to turn walking into a journey, a challenge, and a rip-roaring adventure.

Made by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman, creators of the world’s most popular running game with over 5 million players, Zombies, Run!

ENGADGET - “Simple, fun, effective.”
JOYSTIQ - "Spices up your step-tracking with some danger and intrigue.”
BBC NEWS - “Encourages users to walk 10,000 steps-a-day to help improve their health”
LIFEHACKER - “You're motivated to actually get up and move around so you can progress further into the story, and it works really well.”

Just put your phone in your pocket or purse and we’ll track every walk and run you take — and map it, too!

You’ll walk the length of the UK while evading capture by the police and enemy agents. Can you work out who set off that bomb in the first place and what their plan is? Get ready for an epic adventure across 65 episodes, 800 minutes of audio, and hundreds of miles.

Get rewarded for walking more by collecting clues, scanning for information, and unlocking achievements.

The Walk adjusts its difficulty based on individual fitness levels. Everyone’s different, and we make sure we give you the right level of challenge!

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13 sept 2021

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Maria jose Martin
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Esta bien, pero en el 5° capitulo ,si quieres seguir , tienes que pagar, osea como no.
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Heleno Wurm
26 de marzo de 2021
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21 de septiembre de 2018
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Hello Walker! In our 2.6.7 update, we've:
- Updated the pricing of new subscriptions
- Updated our Open Source License listing
- Fixed various Android 11-related bugs
- Fixed a bug related to the Do It In A Day achievement