Zombies, Run!
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Guys, does it work on samsung notes? The concept is great! Adds more fun for those who wants to be healthy at the same time you get to play a game by which you u pgrade your own building after running. But the thing is the game doesnt work on my Samsung Notes. Hope there is something you can do about it.


What's New
• Streamlined New Look: We’ve made it easier than ever to get fit, escape zombies, and become a hero!
• Season 3 is here, with 60+ new missions released weekly starting from April 16th!
• New Statistics view: See every aspect of your runs, game, and music graphed in detail
• New Codex: See and read about the supplies and artefacts you collect from your missions
• In 3.0.7: Fixed Store error
• In 3.0.8: UI improvements


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