ETMONEY: Direct Mutual Funds, Credit and Expenses

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BREAKING NEWS: Now invest in zero commission direct mutual funds through ETMONEY & earn Rs. 25 lakh* more than regular funds over 25 years.

Ab Hogi Upar Ki Kamaai Imaandari Se! Invest in direct mutual funds of any mutual fund house through lumpsum or SIP from one single, intuitive dashboard on ETMONEY!

ETMONEY is everything that your money needs. It's the ultimate all-in-one app to grow your money, save tax, get instant personal loans, and buy insurance - all of this instant, completely paperless, and on one single intuitive dashboard. What's more? ETMONEY is giving FREE FOREVER access for a limited time!

Invest in mutual funds, buy insurance, borrow money 24*7 with CreditLine, and more with ETMONEY now!

Money matters are now simple with the ETMONEY mobile app -
1. Grow your money - Invest in zero commission direct mutual funds throught lumpsum or SIP! ETMONEY lets you invest in direct mutual funds of all mutual fund companies with just one single registration. Get instant, paperless KYC done in 2 minutes, and access to rich insights and expert advice to select and invest in the best mutual funds portfolio for yourself. We offer 400+ top mutual funds from major AMCs in India like Reliance Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, Kotak Mutual Fund, Motilal Oswal, Mirrae Asset to name a few.
2. Smart Deposit - Invest in liquid funds to get better & stable returns. Start investments as low as Rs. 500 & withdraw anytime, anywhere without any lock-ins.
3. Smart Solutions - No need to research and pick individual mutual funds! Invest in customised top performing direct mutual fund solutions handpicked by our experts based on your risk profile and investment horizon. Solutions for every financial goal from top AMCs like SBI Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual fund, Motilal Oswal, Mirrae Asset, Kotak Mutual Fund etc. are just a tap away.
a) Aggressive Solution - Invest in aggressive & top performing mid & small cap funds for long-term goals like funding your child’s education.
b) Balanced Solution - Invest in right mix of large cap & mid cap funds that balances growth & returns.
c) Safe Solution - Invest in liquid funds to get steady & stable returns which offer suitable substitute for bank deposits.
d) Tax Saver Solution - Invest in ELSS funds to get tax benefit under 80C & better returns than traditional investment options.
4. CreditLine - Get 24*7 instant access loan pass on your mobile. Access money whenever you need it. Key features include flexible repayment, pay interest only on amount used & more.
5. Buy Insurance from top insurers.
6. Track Spends and Bills auto-magically!

App Features:
•Top AMCs to buy direct mutual funds from - Reliance Mutual Fund, Motilal Oswal, SBI Mutual Fund etc
•Take pre-approved* credit to get money whenever you want from the app with flexible repayment plans.
•Track your MF investments at one place with real-time updates
• Invest in Smart Solutions without the hassles of choosing a mutual fund
•Start SIP or invest lumpsum as per your MF investment needs
•Invest in Liquid Mutual Fund with SmartDeposit & get better returns than an FD with 24*7 withdrawal facility
•NRIs (except USA, Canada & EU) can also invest in Top Mutual Funds in India
•Invest in best ELSS mutual funds to save tax.
•Buy life insurance, car insurance & 2-wheeler insurance without any paperwork

*Upto ₹25 lakh more is indicative & is based on projected value of investment through a monthly SIP of ₹5,000 running for 25 years, assuming an annualized return of 14% from the Direct Plan of an Equity Mutual Fund Scheme vis-a-vis 12.5% from the same Scheme’s Regular Plan.

Ab Hogi Upar Ki Kamaai Imaandari Se!通过ETMONEY上一个直观的仪表板,通过lumpsum或SIP投资任何共同基金公司的直接共同基金!

ETMONEY是您所需资金的一切。它是最终的一体化应用程序,可以增加您的资金,节省税收,获得即时个人贷款,并购买保险 - 所有这一切,完全无纸化,并在一个直观的仪表板上。更重要的是? ETMONEY在限定时间内免费提供!

投资共同基金,购买保险,借助CreditLine 24 * 7借钱,以及ETMONEY现在更多!

使用ETMONEY移动应用程序,资金问题现在很简单 -
1.增加资金 - 通过lumpsum或SIP投资零佣金直接共同基金! ETMONEY让您只需一次注册即可投资所有共同基金公司的直接共同基金。在2分钟内完成即时无纸化KYC,并获得丰富的见解和专家建议,为您自己选择并投资最佳的共同基金组合。我们提供400多种来自印度主要资产管理公司的顶级共同基金,如Reliance Mutual Fund,SBI Mutual Fund,Kotak Mutual Fund,Motilal Oswal,Mirrae Asset等。
2.智能存款 - 投资流动资金以获得更好和稳定的回报。开始投资低至卢比。 500并随时随地撤回,无需任何锁定。
3.智能解决方案 - 无需研究和挑选个人共同基金!根据您的风险状况和投资期限,投资由我们的专家精心挑选的定制的高绩效直接共同基金解决方案。来自顶级资产管理公司(如SBI Mutual Fund,Reliance Mutual fund,Motilal Oswal,Mirrae Asset,Kotak Mutual Fund等)的每个财务目标的解决方案都只需轻轻一点。
a)积极的解决方案 - 投资于积极和优秀的中小型基金,以实现长期目标,例如为孩子的教育提供资金。
b)平衡解决方案 - 投资大盘和中型基金的正确组合,平衡增长和回报。
c)安全解决方案 - 投资流动资金以获得稳定和稳定的回报,从而为银行存款提供合适的替代品。
d)节税解决方案 - 投资ELSS资金以获得低于80C的税收优惠和比传统投资选择更高的回报。
4. CreditLine - 在您的手机上获得24 * 7即时访问贷款通行证。随时随地获取资金。主要功能包括灵活还款,仅对使用金额支付利息等。

•顶级资产管理公司购买直接共同基金 - Reliance Mutual Fund,Motilal Oswal,SBI Mutual Fund等
•使用SmartDeposit投资Liquid Mutual Fund并获得比具有24 * 7提款设施的FD更好的回报
•NRI(美国,加拿大和欧盟除外)也可以在印度投资Top Mutual Funds



Introducing investment in Zero-commission Direct Mutual Funds with FREE FOREVER access!
- Now invest in 1000+ direct mutual funds from 20+ AMCs.
- Earn up to 1.5% extra returns adding up to Rs. 25 Lakh over 25 years.
- Unlimited free transactions with the Free Forever Account (Limited period offer)
- Ability to switch your existing mutual fund investments from regular to direct with a single tap

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