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👍 Download "Young Mom's Tips" now and you will have most of the questions about caring for your baby disappearing.

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💕 A woman who has just given birth to a child is under certain stress. Even if she was preparing for a new role for herself throughout her pregnancy, in any case, after giving birth, she is left alone with a small lump, which she still does not know anything about, and this is a serious reason for worry.

🤷‍♀️ Motherhood is happiness! His nose raises many questions: breastfeeding, the correct sleep of a newborn, whether it is necessary to keep a mother's diary, how the child develops up to a year, and how children's upbringing works in general.

🕣 Very often, young mothers are so nervous that they literally cry sobbingly next to the child, because they do not know what and how to do. In fact, you need to fight with fear, you need to try to be more confident, because in the end every woman has a maternal instinct, and she intuitively feels what her child needs at a given moment.

👩 There are several major fears of new moms.

First, everyone is afraid when 👶 children cry, and small children cry quite often. For some reason, women take everything personally and begin to think that they are doing something wrong. But in fact, a small child is crying not because he feels bad next to his mother, he simply does not know how to talk, accordingly, he does not know how else to give his mother a signal, for example, that he is worried, so he starts crying ...

A baby can get in the way of a wet diaper, he may want to eat, he may have a tummy ache, a couple of weeks after the birth of a child, a woman will learn to distinguish all these signals from each other. At the moment of crying, clearly you should not panic, because the child is sensitive to the state of the mother and can start crying even louder. You can try to distract the kid, sooner or later he will definitely stop crying.

Secondly, many women are very afraid that they will spoil the child, so they try to hold him less in their arms, so that he does not get used to them and, in general, are rather strict with their children. But babies really need attention, they need to feel the mother's warmth, her love and tenderness on her part, in another way the child simply cannot exist. It is better for mothers to remember that love cannot be pampered, everyone needs it, and even more so children.

Third, young parents have fear before bathing their child, for some reason almost everyone is insanely afraid to bathe the child, worried that water will get into his ears or mouth, that he will move too actively and break out out of hand. In fact, you shouldn't even be afraid that a child may suddenly go under water. Until about three months, babies instinctively hold their breath, this happens automatically. You should not be afraid of the liquid that gets into the ears, they just need to get wet with a cotton swab.

Fourthly, moms sleep poorly at night and the point is not at all that the child often wakes up, but that moms are afraid that they will suddenly crush the child, suddenly he turns unsuccessfully and buries his nose in the pillow, night becomes the most nervous period, when the mother now and then runs up to the baby's bed, checking if everything is all right with him. All these experiences are quite normal, especially since hormones are raging in the mother's body, you just need to learn how to be distracted and understand that you need to get enough sleep, because you will need strength during the day when the baby is awake and needs the same cheerful mother.
Updated on
Apr 19, 2021

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