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Pitched Instrument Tuner and Pitch Pipe has been designed by musicians to help you quickly and easily tune a wide range of instruments - use it as a ukulele tuner, violin tuner, guitar tuner, kalimba tuner, voice tuner, and more. Even very low bass strings can be tuned.

Simple controls and clear visuals make it great for beginners. Responsive and precise algorithms provide professional level accuracy for more advanced players.

Features include:
- Choose from a range of instrument tunings ( guitar tuner, violin tuner, ukulele tuner and many more ) or upgrade to pro to create your own.
- Vary the reference tuning pitch away from the common 440Hz.
- Transposition for non-concert pitch instruments, for example the B-flat trumpet.
- Choice of light or dark themes.
- Adjust the volume sensitivity of the app for quieter instruments and noisy environments.
- Use the pitch pipe to sound a reference note and tune by ear.

Hands free tuning means you can tune all of your strings without ever having to touch the screen - you don't want to have to reach for your ukulele tuner in between tuning each string, and now you don't have to.

This tuner app has two modes:
- Instrument tuner
- Chromatic tuner

The instrument tuner shows you the target notes for the instrument and tuning that you have selected. For example a guitar tuner would show the notes EADGBE if you chose standard guitar tuning, or DADGBE if you chose drop D tuning. Or a violin tuner would show GDAE. You can then just play each string and the tuner will identify whether you are in tune. Pitched Tuner has built in tunings for many common instruments including banjo, bass 4, 5 and 6 string, cello, double bass, guitar including 7 string, ukulele, viola and violin. You can also easily create your own in the app.

The chromatic tuner displays the note that is closest to what is currently being played. This is useful for instruments with lots of notes ( piano tuning for example ) or with several common tunings such as the guitar.

Pitched Tuner displays a traditional tuner needle and dial. It clearly shows the frequency being played as well as the nearest note and error in cents. The dial then allows you to easily track small changes in pitch.

This instrument tuning app also works as a pitch pipe and can sound a reference note to tune your instrument by ear, or use as a target note when you are re-stringing your guitar or violin.

We hope you find Pitched Tuner useful. You can always contact us at support@stonekick.com.

If you need a guitar tuner, ukulele tuner, violin tuner, or kalimba tuner then try Pitched now!
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14 dec. 2021

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13,9K reviews
10 november 2021
Nowhere shown the cost to purchase the add free version?? How mutch is it?
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12 november 2021
Hi, the exact cost depends on your location. It should show you the cost before you tap to pay for the upgrade. If you have any questions about this you can contact us at support@stonekick.com. Thanks.
Said Mouni
16 juli 2021
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19 juli 2021
Thanks for your review - we are glad you like it!
Mark Opfer
3 maart 2021
Easy to use. Only thing, on my guitar the high-e reads as an A 🤔
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Wat is er nieuw

We've added a new Korean translation to the app and updated all of the existing translations. There is also a new Preferences option to show the mute tuning button.

We would love to hear from you at support@stonekick.com with any comments or suggestions.