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Did you ever wonder where all the stars that light up the sky at night have gone when you wake up in the morning?
Well – wonder no more!

Download this simple, stylish, and elegant fantasy live wallpaper and get a detailed (if maybe unscientific) simulation of what’s happening on the night sky after you’ve gone to bed.

Free Version Features:
• A Lindworm*: Your very own mystical creature – the fearsome if slightly cute lindworm – helping you to keep your desktop free from all those nasty stars that are trying to occupy all the available space with their shininess.
• Star counter: A permanent local highscore counter (will be reset if you upgrade to pro version), counting how many stars the lindworm bot removed since you installed the wallpaper (THEREFORE THE PERMISSION TO READ AND WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE).
• The option to influence the lindworm’s movement by tilting your phone or touching the screen.
• All the bot’s movements are calculated using a real physics engine.
• Many customization options (like changing the filling of the city skyline, the stars, and the lindworm bot, or choosing one of the new neon/glow themes).
• Various background motives (4 city/village skylines + 1 moon motive).
• Pre-built color themes (from black & white to pink, or a neon/glowing blue).
• Comic/cartoon style for all the themes and backgrounds (select the outline filling options).
• And more…

Additional Pro Version Features:
• Custom Colors! You may choose them separately for the lindworm, the stars, the skylines, and the sky by using a color-picker dialog (no restrictions on the colors you want to pick).
• The option to choose your own background image from your image collection.
• And more…

• Use app or change preferences: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live-Wallpapers -> Lindworm Bot
• If you use gravity to influence the lindworm you might want to LOCK THE SCREEN ORIENTATION (in your launcher’s settings menu) to either vertical or horizontal mode to get a more fun experience!
• Tap the screen to add stars.

If you like what you see please support my work by giving it a good rating and/or by giving the full version a try.

If you have any problems or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me under:

Have fun!

*also sometimes (if maybe not completely correctly) referred to as dragon, wyvern, snake, serpent, or simply worm
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660 Rezensionen
Xaaron Zeinhofer
12. Juli 2014
Es ist wirklich schön einen Wurm anzustarren, wie er deinen Bildschirm von Sternen befreit. Ich kann dieses Live Wallpaper nur weiterempfehlen!
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Ein Google-Nutzer
8. Oktober 2012
Simples, aber trotzdem sehr schönes live-wallpaper Ich gebe gerne 5 Sterne ab ;-)
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Ein Google-Nutzer
25. August 2012
Das beste live wallpaper, dass ich bis jetzt hatte. Man kann es auch kostenlos einstellen!!!
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Version 2.0:

Lots of new content containing:

* Many new color themes

* 4 new background motives

* A new filling option (outline)

Version 1.1.1:

* Minor changes and stability improvements

Version 1.1:

* Added a new glow effect (use the filling options)

* Added some more (neon) themes

* Added the option to disable the lindworm