Syder Arcade HD
Review from William J Greklek III
Absolutely awesome! If you love old school defender then you will love this game. Its basically defender on steroids. Its open ended and the controls work great. The visuals are great and on arcade the game is challenging. Definitely worth the money. No ads and no in game purchases. Ive not had any issues playing. Really good work devs! Thank you!


What's New
v. 1.42
- Fixed: ships were all black on some android devices
v. 1.4
- Added MOGA support ! (
- Added new game option: GAME MODE (normal/turbo)
If you enable TURBO mode, the game will play at the same speed of the PC/Mac version. Only for pro gamers and/or gamers with MOGA controllers :) 25% more speed, 100% more fun!
- Fixed a bug in the last level that could cause a crash
- Better memory management and a new crash reporter


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