Nova Launcher
Review from Fraser Harvey Ridout
Smooth I wanted my GS3 to look like stock Android because I don't like touch whiz. This is smoother than touch whiz. However I would like to have the notification add on included in the free version. Smoothest launcher I've used so far.


What's New
v2.3 Dec 10
KitKat scroll indicator (Desktop - Scroll Indicator)
KitKat folders styles (Folders - Folder Background, Light Background)
KitKat font (Look and Feel - Icon Font - Condensed, Android 4.1+)
KitKat app drawer icon
Google KitKat icon theme (Look and Feel - Icon Theme)
Small autohiding tabs in app drawer (Drawer - Small Tabs)
Transparent system bars on KitKat (Look and feel - Transparent Notification Bar. Requires KitKat)
Backup/Restore from external sdcard


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