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You can use this app to virtually project a video on a printed image. The video appears on your mobile phone's screen just on the surface of the target image.

How does it work? - Once you download the app you have to give the necessary permissions in order to use it. After you have opened AR GO direct your mobile device's camera to an image that is linked to the AR GO app. The image is recognized and the video content will be automatically loaded and starts to play. AR GO recognizes the environment and adapts the video to the target image's surface.

How can I try it? - You can find several target images on the AR GO app's website You just direct the camera on the target image on your computer's screen.

What is it meant for? - AR GO is used by magazines, marketing agencies, packaging companies, wedding organizers and many other corporate partners to share extra content with readers, clients, users.

Who can use this app? - The AR GO app is available for companies and private persons as well.

Is it free? - Yes. You can download and use AR GO for free.

Can I upload my own project in the app? - No. You need to contact if you want to upload your own image and video.

Can I use it for my art? - Of course! We already used AR GO for the exhibition of animation artists and painters. We host artistic projects free of charge in the AR GO app. Contact us for more details.

Surprise? - Sure, we have a surprise for you! Just take a 5 Euro bill and scan the image with the AR GO app. See what happens?

Contact us if you have any projects on your mind that you would do with AR GO. We help you to realize it. You can also find us on Facebook
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AR GO is a mobile application developed by The MAJORDESIGN Creative Agency - Vienna.
2020. jún. 8.


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- Help screens updated
- New feature added: live URL at the end of the video
- Go full-screen function with a controller