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3D Aim Trainer is a free mobile app for FPS training which will help you practice aiming and improve your shooting skills in FPS games!
We also make the training fun - go ahead and battle with the opponents showing them your real power! They will think you are the human Aimbot!

Train, battle, earn gold, progress, upgrade your weapons and crush your opponents to become the Aim Champ!

Practicing is the key to become a pro gamer. Do you want to be in the Winner Camp or the Loser Camp? Start today, so you can claim your spot on the e-sports teams. Benchmark your aiming skills in e-sports driven shooting games and get picked by pro e-sports teams!

Choose your favorite character, settings, weapons and shoot!

Want to be best in Garena Free Fire mobile?

Our 3D Aim Trainer is the perfect game for you if you want to practice aiming for COD or if you are looking for a mobile FPS trainer for:
Pubg mobile
Standoff 2
Garena Free Fire
CS Go: counter-strike global offensive
Hyper Scape
Rainbow six siege
Apex legends
And many more mobile shooters

All our dedicated training and battle modes are carefully made to improve on a specific skill. Try it yourself: play 10 minutes of shooting practice for a week and notice how good you have become. Both the first and third-person view are supported in this trainer game!

Start shooting and firing your weapon at one of our amazing Training Modes:
Clicking - improve your ability to click at the exact moment you are supposed to.
Survival - training levels that are both fun to play and help you improve your aiming.
Flicking - move as fast and as accurate as possible to static and moving targets of different sizes.
Tracking - keep your aim locked at your target in different challenging movement scenarios.
Strafe Aiming - learn to dodge your enemy’s attacks while keeping your aim on the target.

Benchmark your scores against the rest of the world to gain insights into how good your aim reaction really is, even versus pro players. This is your personal aim lab filled with stats and precious information which will help you measure your results and show you how to get better!

Challenge your friends in one of the following multiplayer battle modes:

Tile Frenzy
Eagle’s Nest
Moving Target
Bounce Ball
Stationary Target
Zombie Survival
Go Figure

FPS Gamers who want to practice on an aim trainer for controller will be happy to find out that this game supports various controllers so you can finally get better and reach your potential!

Our mobile app is just the beginning. Download the Desktop client or go to our website and start improving really like a pro gamer.

Our discord community is growing fast! Get insights and tips on how to improve your skill by joining our discord !
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13 jun. 2022

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18,6K reviews
Mahmut celik
2 mei 2022
Cool game good training but sometimes the lag
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Vèron Borst
27 januari 2021
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Ilian cleyn
31 augustus 2020
Good aim practice
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What's new?
-New graphics in the weapons menu
-Leaderboard bugs fixed
-UI/UX bugs fixed
-Smoother gameplay