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Discover and explore with Time Out, your trip planner for local and worldwide use. In over 30 cities you can plan events, find places to eat and drink and save your favourite searches to a customisable Home Screen.

Search London and other cities around the world for the most exciting events, and save the best to create a customisable travel guide.

The Time Out App will give you inspiration across the world. Find Time Out in any of the following places:
Accra, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Birmingham, Boston, Bristol, Chicago, Croatia, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Leeds, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Paris, Penang, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Washington DC, with more cities being added soon.

Discover, Explore, Book & Go with Time Out!

Time Out Features:

Trip Planner – Find What’s Around Me:
- Find places to visit in customised locations, and plan your trip around the best events and activities.
- Find local cinema times, restaurants, and other activities customised to your vacation, your work, and even your home!

Personalise Your Home Screen – Save and Explore Your New Favourites:
- Customise your Time Out experience and travel to all the events and restaurants that you love. Like to eat healthy? Add vegan restaurants and food festivals around you. Save all of your favourite locations and events to your home page to create a customised city guide. Curate the best of your city, and keep track of your favourite spots!

Event Guide – Discover What’s Around You:
- Find concert tickets, cinema times, festivals, nearby live events, stores, and places to eat and drink.
- Time Out digs up the best local flavour in cities around the world, so a great night will always be just a tap away.
Save Events – Keep Track of Your Favourite Restaurants, Museums, Stores and Cinema Locations:
- Save all of your favourite places and events to the ‘Things I Love’ section to create a customised city guide.

Discover and Share It – Be Social
- Share photos of your favourite festivals, stores and places to eat, and find friends who enjoy all the same things you do.
- Read reviews of local places to eat posted by other explorers to plan your best trip!

Travel Guide – Plan Your Visit to Cities Around the World:
- Explore places to visit, local and worldwide. Plan a trip around your next festival, or use Time Out as a restaurant finder or pub finder.
- Find cinema and theatre tickets, or spend the day at a science museum.
- Create your own city guide to discover what’s nearby, and explore the world. Our curated lists present the best events and food in your area!

Search Places Near Me & Places to Visit – Find the Best-in-Class of Your City:
- Concerts, things to do, theatre and cinema times, stores and tons of other events. Our restaurant finder will show you the best places to eat.
- Pub finder will point out the best spots to drink beer with friends.

Login Through Facebook – Connect Your Social Media Profile to Keep Up With Friends
- Share photos and more with your friends and explore your world together! Create an account in the app, and use a single login across all devices.

Explore new cities and rediscover your favourite places with Time Out, the event planner and travel guide app for major cities around the world. Find new places, customise your home screen, and share your favourite experiences with friends.

Download Time Out to start exploring today!
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