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Review from Niels Delporte
Good, but needs karma I'd like to be able to see my karma in the app :-) but not hidden away in a menu. It'd be cool if you could see the karma flowing in whenever you earned some :-) it shouldn't be obtrusive though, subtlety would do the trick, but make it so so you can check more about your karma and graph in the app itself. The previous
Doist June 11, 2013
Niels, completed sub-tasks should stay crossed out until their parent is completed and parent tasks should be removed after you change the view (go to a different project and back). Is this happening within project of on the 7 days view? Does deleting the app and installing 1.2.8 help? Contact: with details.


What's New
• Undo support for completing recurring tasks and rescheduling
• Date improvements for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
• Notify when logout will lead to lost changes
• Multiple bug fixes including reminders and date parsing
- Sync improvements and fixes
- Reminder improvements and fixes
- Sign up fixes for Froyo and Gingerbread
- Filter improvements