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About this app

Trustudies - Best NCERT solutions for class 6 - 10

Clear all your NCERT doubts with ease from our NCERT solutions for class 6 - 10
Our NCERT solutions for class 6 - 10 are made by expert teams who are graduate from top engineering colleges in India including IITs.

◈ Detailed NCERT Solutions for class 6 - 10 with full coverage of all types of Exercises
◈ Maths and Science covered completely with solutions to all exercises
◈ Completely ads free expereince.No ads will disturb you while reading NCERT solutions for class 9 &10
◈Completely free of cost
◈ Very smooth and easy to use interface
◈ Easily switch between subjects and exercises
◈Change standard at any time you want
◈Easy and fast online view of NCERT solutions

Following chapters of NCERT class 9 maths are covered
◈ Number Systems (Chapter 1)
◈ Polynomials (Chapter 2)
◈ Coordinate geometry (Chapter 3)
◈ Linear equations in two variables (Chapter 4)
◈ Introduction to Euclidean Geometry (Chapter 5)
◈ Lines and Angles (Chapter 6)
◈ Triangles (Chapter 7)
◈ Quadrilaterals (Chapter 8)
◈ Areas of parallelograms and triangles (Chapter 9)
◈ Circles (Chapter 10)
◈ Constructions (Chapter 11)
◈ Heron's Formula (Chapter 12)
◈ Surface areas and volumes (Chapter 13)

Following chapters of NCERT class 9 science are covered
◈Matter in our Surroundings (Chapter 1)
◈Is Matter Around Us Pure (Chapter 2)
◈Atoms and Molecules (Chapter 3)
◈Structure of the Atom (Chapter 4)
◈The Fundamental Unit of Life (Chapter 5)
◈Tissues (Chapter 6)
◈Diversity in Living Organisms (Chapter 7)
◈Motion (Chapter 8)
◈Force and Laws of Motion (Chapter 9)
◈Gravitation (Chapter 10)
◈Work and Energy (Chapter 11)
◈Sound (Chapter 12)
◈Why do We Fall Ill (Chapter 13)
◈Natural Resources (Chapter 14)
◈Improvement in Food Resources (Chapter 15)

Following chapters of NCERT class 10 maths are covered
◈Real Numbers (Chapter 1)
◈Polynomials (Chapter 2)
◈Pair of linear equations in two variables (Chapter 3)
◈Quadratic Equations (Chapter 4)
◈Arithmetic Progressions (Chapter 5)
◈Triangles (Chapter 6)
◈Coordinate Geometry (Chapter 7)
◈Introduction to Trigonometry (Chapter 8)
◈Applications of Trigonometric Ratios (Chapter 9)
◈Circles (Chapter 10)
◈Construction(Chapter 11)
◈Areas related to circle (Chapter 12)
◈Surface Area and Volume (Chapter 13)
◈Statistics (Chapter 14)
◈Probability (Chapter 15)

Following chapters of NCERT class 10 science are covered
◈Chemical Reactions and Equations (Chapter 1)
◈Acid Bases and Salt (Chapter 2)
◈Metal and Non Metals (Chapter 3)
◈Carbon and Its Compounds (Chapter 4)
◈Periodic Classification of Elements (Chapter 5)
◈Life Processes (Chapter 6)
◈Control and Coordination (Chapter 7)
◈How do Organisms Reproduce (Chapter 8)
◈Heredity and Evolution (Chapter 9)
◈Light Reflection and Refraction (Chapter 10)
◈Human Eye and Colourful World (Chapter 11)
◈Electricity (Chapter 12)
◈Magnetic Effect of Electric Current (Chapter 13)
◈Sources of Energy(Chapter 14)
◈Our Environment(Chapter 15)
◈Management of Natural Resources(Chapter 16)

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science
◈Crop Production & Management (Chapter 1)
◈Microorganisms: Friend and Foe (Chapter 2)
◈Synthetic Fibers and Plastics (Chapter 3)
◈Materials: Metals and Nonmetals (Chapter 4)
◈Coal and Petroleum (Chapter 5)
◈Combustion and Flame (Chapter 6)
◈Conservation of Plants and Animals (Chapter 7)
◈Cell-Structure and Function (Chapter 8)
◈Reproduction in Animals (Chapter 9)
◈Reaching the Age of Adolsence (Chapter 10)
◈Force and Pressure (Chapter 11)
◈Friction (Chapter 12)
◈Sound (Chapter 13)
◈Chemical Effects of Electric Current (Chapter 14)
◈Some Natural Phenomena (Chapter 15)
◈Light (Chapter 16)
◈Stars and the Solar System (Chapter 17)
◈Pollution of Air and Water (Chapter 18)
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Mar 17, 2021

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