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About this game

At ten o'clock in the morning on June 16th, the battle of the core guard officially began to attack——
Commanders, please assemble.
May the light guide your way.

After the three technological revolutions in the Ephemeris era, the transformation of the prosthetic body extended the human body, and the development of spiritual consciousness realized the integration of man and machine. Permanent residence.
Until the day of its fall, the alien race "Levia" swept through like a star tide, and the spirit invaded, swallowed and assimilated. Humans struggled to survive under the minions of predators. The Beth-El system became the ultimate defense to protect the human soul.
In order to resist this foreign aggression, human beings have assembled the most powerful elite armed forces, and as the special coordinator of the [Military Strategy Office], you will establish a spiritual connection with the combat team to fight together, and defend human civilization in the ruins and smoke.
"May the light guide your way."

◇Game Features◇

【Hardcore Strategy-Dynamic Offensive and Defense War】
The highly fresh two-dimensional strategy gameplay will bring a unique combat experience.
This is a difficult strategy attack and defense game. In every battle, the commander needs to consider card matching, skill timing, career selection... You can also use terrain, resources, special settings, etc. to win by surprise!
Use your wisdom to generate different styles of play and enjoy the top victory of strategizing——
Goal: Protect our core and destroy the opponent's core!

【Shocking - Technology and Doomsday】
This is the era that is closest to heaven. Humans build cities in the sky and weave an Eden-like new world with top technology. The spirit is immortal and immortal, immortality is close at hand.
This is also the era closest to hell. Under the sky city are countless bottom-level refugees struggling underground, and the sudden invasion of the alien planet has intensified the conflicts and disputes between different forces.
In the turbulent torrent, in the face of betrayal, friendship, life, and destruction, will you choose to be a hero?
Each chapter of the game is set with ups and downs. Commander, we are waiting for your guidance.

【Thousands of people and thousands of faces - immersive experience】
Say no to flat shaping, and make every card "live"!
The human-type computer is fit, and has been learning to become a human——
Each card character has an exclusive occupation, skill, character, decoration, showing a rich setting effect. With the exquisite vertical paintings of different periods and the different performances in the plot, you can experience the endless fun of assembling a suitable team.
Make the most of your fitness, Commander!

【Audio-visual feast - super first-class team】
The game has assembled top painters from many countries, first-class music teams, and well-known Japanese voice actors, and is committed to creating a high-quality and immersive game experience for every commander.
Dusty ruins against the backdrop of the future, and a whole new world at your fingertips...

[Endless Fun - Diverse Instances]
In addition to the main line level, the game also sets a Rouguelike copy, a free exploration copy and a limited-time PVP mode for you to choose from.
Free battles, strategy competitions, random explorations, whatever the commander likes is available here.

*Because this software involves violence, dating, inappropriate language, and sex (game characters wear clothing with prominent sexual characteristics), it is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method
*In-game payment services such as the purchase of virtual game coins and items are provided
*Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging
Company Name: Magic Cube Digital Information Service Co., Ltd.

Official Community: https://www.facebook.com/corelicht
Issue feedback: https://discord.gg/GsTPCGFPxR
Updated on
Dec 15, 2022

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Ratings and reviews

6.54K reviews
Sine Jack
July 2, 2022
The gameplay is quite good and similar to a combination of Arknights and Clash Royale. However, the beginner difficulty spike is high and I spent most of the time grinding materials stage to level up characters. The level requirement jump in main story is too high. Please consider adjusting the difficulty of the game.
13 people found this review helpful
July 6, 2022
指揮官安安~ 感謝你的留言!我們會將您的意見及建議回報給團隊的喔~我們也深知遊戲目前仍存在許多不足和需要打磨之處,我們會認真聆聽玩家的意見及建議,讓遊戲更加完善,給玩家更好的體驗的!感謝您的諒解和支持!如果您在遊戲中還遇到其他問題,歡迎透過Facebook粉專聯繫我們!感謝您的諒解和支持! 粉專連結:https://www.facebook.com/corelicht
Jeff S
February 11, 2023
It feels like a mix of a lot of games. The base system feels like Honkai, energy system and Gacha like Arknights, Gameplay has a little bit of Blue Archive. Overall quite good and has some potential. Can give it a try, try to learn the gamplay mechanics before complaining. *the game company is treating this game like an abandoned child, once in a while event that is literally just a copy paste from the previous one, no new chars, repeated gameplay, etc. All of these are killing the game. Sad.
10 people found this review helpful
Wong Jhy Haur
June 29, 2022
Gameplay is interesting, but everything else is imbalance. Level difficulty design very badly, resource acquisition very poorly made, player growth in a extremely steep curve, u will be impress at how hard it is to level up ur characters, like so hard, it make you wonder are you really doing it correctly. Fun at first, total waste of time later on, and mediocre story plot.
1 person found this review helpful