The REEF CHECK MED UNDERWATER COASTAL ENVIRONMENT MONITORING PROTOCOL is intended to assess the ecological status of the Mediterranean marine coastal habitats. It was developed by the Reef Check organizations working in this geographic area since 2008. It can be applied by SCUBA divers, free divers and snorkelers after a short training, becoming MEDITERRANEAN ECODIVERS.

The protocol is based on simple tasks, consisting in the seek of easy to recognize and ecologically important marine species. The providing of accurate and reliable information on the absence, presence and abundance of key marine species helps to understand the ongoing environmental changes, the effects of the anthropogenic impacts and allows to suggest the best conservation strategies of coastal marine habitats.

REEF CHECK MED APP is a multilingual tool intended to store and share data collected by ECODIVERS just after each survey. The app use the device internal GPS, wherever available, to easily record positions on-board or along the coast. Stored data can be reviewed and even changed until final delivery to the online database.

You can review your collected data at any time and visualize the changes that have taken place in time in a specific area.

This app can be used only by trained ECODIVERS, holding their own identification code. For further information please visit
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3 marzo 2018
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