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NOTE: This version is only for AndroidTV OS Devices (TVs or STBs).


- Cloud / Web based Content Management System (CMS)
- PMS integration (Hello Guest)
- IPTV/OTT Compatible (client built-in)
- Guest can cast their content (thru AndroidTV Chromecast built-in) and use apps like Netflix and more...
- Guest engagement with hotel services (messaging, e-commerce, hotel news feed and more)
- Hotel Branding and Sales
- Quick Installation
- Scale-able and suite-able for 1 short term apartment as for hundreds of rooms in hotels and hospitals
- Cost-effective (no additional hardware needed)

Simply download the viggo hospitality launcher from Google Play, and deploy easily on any AndroidTV device.

This version is fully compatible with AndroidTV 8 or higher and was tested successfully on Xiaomi Mi box S, TCL , Haier, Philips AndroidTV tv set and more...

This app uses Accessibility services -
Accessibility is used to detect when your device's remote control buttons are pressed so they can be remapped to custom actions for easy navigation. Please note that we do not collect and/or share personal or sensitive data using the accessibility capabilities.
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29 ביוני 2022

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