MyScript Calculator
Review from Aalok Mehta
Cool! Hey there, dev! This app of yours is awesome. Is it possible for you guys to port other awesome MyScript apps on iOS to android? Like the MyScript Notes Mobile? Update: thanks for listening to us. All we now need is added mobile compatibility. Thanks for listening.


What's New
V 1.2
- New graphical user interface
- Calculation on demand: automatic calculation can be disabled and replaced by a "Calculate" button
- New operators (n-root, hyperbolic functions)
- Rounding option: choose between rounded and truncated result
V 1.1.2
- Fixes a calendar bug that was introduced in the previous build.
V 1.1
- Support of Trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, logarithms, constants, power/exponentials, %, x!, |x| symbols.
- Support of redo and undo


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