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About this app

Master Physics with Powerful Visualisation and Structured Course.

Visual Physics is the most comprehensive animated video course to learn physics for senior high school / senior secondary level and prepare for competitive exams like

1. AP Physics 1
2. AP Physics 2
3. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
4. AP Physics C: Mechanics
5. ACT Physics

Visual Physics can teach you concepts in less than 30% of your time. Then you can directly go to first understanding video solutions of different types of problems and then to solving more problems yourself.


» 500+ Short Conceptual Videos with powerful visualisation for crystal-clear understanding of physics concepts.

» Thorough and in-depth discussion of each and every topic in short time, needed to solve advanced level questions.

» Points of confusion explained beforehand, which you might get while solving AP Physics questions.

» Hard-hitting questions to challenge your conceptual understanding and fill the conceptual gaps.

» 3500+ Problems with videos and text solution with increasing difficulty-wise structure to help you learn where to apply which concept.

» Visual Tricks to solve problems faster.

» Access Videos Offline, Learn without online distractions (*Internet connection once in a week will be required).

Covered complete chapters and important topics are as follows. We can't write all the topics covered due to words limitations, but be assured that all the topics of chapters are covered.

Mathematical Tools - Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Vectors

Motion in Straight Line - Graphs of Motion, Motion under Gravity

Motion in a Plane - Projectile Motion, Relative Velocity

Newton's Laws of Motion - Constraint Motion, Pseudo Force

Friction - Static & Kinetic Friction, Two and Three Block Problems

Circular Motion - Centrifugal and Centripetal Acceleration

Work, Power & Energy - Kinetic Energy and Work, Conservation of Energy, Conservative and Non-conservative Forces

CoM, Momentum & Collisions - Linear Momentum, Variable Mass System

Rotational Dynamics - Moment of Inertia, Torque, Angular Momentum

Rigid Body Dynamics - Rolling Motion, Conservation of Angular Momentum

Elasticity - Stress & Strain, Hooke’s Law, Young's Modulus, Poisson's Ratio

Gravitation - Escape Velocity, Kepler's Law

Fluids - Pascal’s Law, Surface Tension, Viscosity, Bernoulli’s Principle

Simple Harmonic Motion - Energy Variation in SHM, Superposition

Transverse Waves - Superposition, Standing Waves, Waves on String, Reflection of Wave

Longitudinal Waves - Resonance, Harmonics, Beats, Doppler's Effect

Heat & Temperature - Latent Heat, Calorimetry

Heat Transfer - Stefan's Law, Wien's Law

Kinetic Theory of Gases - Ideal Gas Law, Molar Heat Capacity

Laws of Thermodynamics - Cyclic Process, Carnot Engine

Electric Forces & Fields - Coulomb's Law, Dipoles in Electric Field

Gauss Law - Electric Flux, Solid Angle

Electric Potential - Electric Field from Potential, Potential Energy

Conductors - Earthing, Conducting Sheets

Capacitors & Dielectrics - Energy Stored, Combination of Resistors, Kirchhoff's Loop Law

Electric Current - Ohm's Law, Battery

Electric Power - RC Circuits

Magnetic Force - Helical Path, Lorentz Force, Magnetic Dipole Moment

Magnetic Field - Biot Savart Law, Ampere's Law

Electromagnetic Induction - Magnetic Flux, Induced EMF, Faraday's Law

Inductance - RL Circuit, LC Circuit

Alternating Current - RLC Circuit, Q Factor, Transformer

Reflection - Plane, Convex and Concave Mirror, Magnification, Velocity of Image

Refraction - Snell's Law, Prism, TIR, Dispersion, Deviation, Combination of Lens, Len's Displacement Method, Chromatic Aberration

Wave Optics - Huygens’ principle, Interference, YDSE, Diffraction

Happy Learning :)

Contact: +91 9999021287
Updated on
Apr 21, 2022

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4.01K reviews
Ajay Rathaur
May 19, 2022
This is the best you can get. The visual create very strong understanding of concepts. Amazing work done by the team. For anyone struggling with physics concept, you will start loving the subject once you see it the Nlyten way
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Nlytn Learning Systems
May 20, 2022
Thanks for the appreciation, Sir. :)
Vinayak R Vijay
June 18, 2022
As a guy who loves physics only because of the wonderful world of cars and machines intrigues him I say this app is a gem with the wonderful graphics and the awesome stuff they show in the videos which i can relate to. Keep up the good work for making the subject of physics this interesting (i believe schools should also make physics this fun)
1 person found this review helpful
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Nlytn Learning Systems
June 20, 2022
Thanks for your encouraging words, Vinayak. :)
Ruthvik Sai
May 28, 2022
Very amazing app. Helped me learn the topics really fast and easy. Thanks for the easily understandable video animation!!
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