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Thousands of clients from over 55 countries have started their journey with us. You too can put your money to work.

Wahed is the easiest way to invest your money in an Ethical manner wherever you are. You can start with just $100 with no long-term commitments whatsoever. You can place a deposit or withdrawal request at anytime.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get a recommended portfolio based on your risk profile
2. Open your account and deposit seamlessly
3. Monitor your performance, we’ll buy the investments for you automatically

Start saving for your future with this award winning and revolutionary digital Ethical investment platform - your phone becomes an investment portfolio management tool.

Wahed’s robo-advisor custom tailors recommendations based on a simple risk assessment questionnaire with one main purpose: finding the right investment strategy for you! Your money will be invested in different funds such as global stocks, emerging market stocks, Sukuk, and gold.

Commitment to Ethical investing:

• Our investments are carefully screened for the presence of interest, as well securities with excessive debt ratios
• We do not invest in impermissible industries including alcohol, gambling, arms and tobacco, among others
• Our company and portfolios have been certified as Shariah Compliant by AAOIFI standards by our full time Shariah Review Board

Signing up is easy. Download our app, take the risk assessment questionnaire and make your deposit to join thousands of clients who are investing for their future.
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16 июн. 2022 г.

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4,01 тыс. отзывов
Пользователь Google
11 апреля 2020 г.
Ассалам алайкум. Это хорошо, что можно на русском читать тексты. НО!, приложение немного тупит почему-то, пишет как вас зовут, отвечаю, дальше ничего. Нажимаю на кнопку дальше, а дальше ноль реакции.
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Wahed Inc.
13 апреля 2020 г.
Wa Alaikum Asalaam. For us to better assist, can you please send us a screenshot of the issue so our engineers can help solve this at for you? You may email us the screenshot and more details of the error to globalsupport@wahedinvest.com, thank you!
Manuchehr Gulomov
14 января 2022 г.
Здравствуйте... Как можно работать с этим приложением из России... Регистрацию сделал указал страну.. не получается
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Wahed Inc.
18 января 2022 г.
Thank you for your interest! Our global platform has temporarily paused onboarding clients in an effort to provide an even more convenient and better overall experience to our users. You may join our waitlist using the link below so we can update you once you can register for your Wahed account. https://campaign.wahedinvest.com/intl_waitlist
Али Одинаев
27 апреля 2022 г.
Невозможно пройти регистрацию Пустая трата времени
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