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About this app

Get insights about your health with a smart ekg heart monitor: track heart rate & pulse, measure stress, energy, and productivity. Loved by 5 million users, featured by TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and Lifehacker. Meet your healthmate Welltory!

Welltory analyzes heart rate variability, or hrv — a health marker backed by over 25,000 studies on PubMed. It is a science-based app: we have worked with University College London, Texas University and Arizona State University and have been quoted by Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School and many others.

Get insights from heartbeat measurements

– We use photoplethysmography, or PPG to detect heart rate
– Get heart rate variability personalized results
– Track your heart beat & stress level

Blood pressure diary

– Add BP data manually to get more information about your cardiovascular system.
– Insights after each bp reading with 8 scientific metrics for heart rate variability measurements

Provide health data – get scientific insights

– Use more than 120 data sources for day to day monitoring and health tracking. We store your data in the cloud, honoring your privacy & safety.
– Compatible with FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, MiFit, Polar, Mi Band, Oura, Withings and other weareables
– Connect with apps for better fitness, sleep, productivity, meditation and nutrition, e.g. Google Fit, Samsung Health, Strava, Runkeeper, RescueTime, GeoSci, SleepCycle, Lifesum, Noom, Flo, IFTTT

AI workout coach & stress tracker

– Apply adaptive cardio zones (fat burning, cardio, peak and light zone)
– Analyze your activity for a whole range of sports: workout, swimming, running, yoga sessions, cycling
– Compare the impact of different workouts

One heart rate monitor app for hrv monitoring — many health insights

– Understand sleep and fitness
– Alerts will notify you when it’s necessary to see a doctor
– Recommendations on how to cope with stress, panic attacks, and insomnia
– Trends and correlations on a personal dashboard and symptom checker

Personal heart rate diary

– Welltory helps you monitor your health with the data you track from wearables — all main health assessment features in one app. Log blood pressure, pulse and heart rate to make sure that you are in good shape!

– Keep an eye on stress & both mental and physical biofeedback. If you want to make your training plan stick, track HRV at home with Welltory. Keep a log of your high/low blood pressure and check your pulse. The data is easy to read, providing scores based on mood, energy and stress. Welltory is compatible with most smartwatches and fitness armband models.

– The American Heart Association recommends HRV assessment for ambulatory ECG, EKG or cardiogram interpretation. Stress test and management apps are a modern way of solving overall health issues and monitor your heart rate.

Get everything you can from measuring your heartbeats with ekg heart monitor. Understand your stress, sleep, and fitness – for better productivity and overall health.


Welltory can only measure your HRV and detect heart beats. We cannot measure blood pressure or any other vital signs (e.g. oxygen saturation level) through the phone camera. However, you may add bp data manually. We also use them in “My Data” if you log these vitals in your activity tracker. Our app should not be used as medical device/product, designed for general fitness and wellness purposes only.

Heart rate monitor may cause hot LED flash. Try keeping your finger 1-2 mm away from the flashlight or lay just a tip of the finger on the flash or alternatively cover the flash with one half of the fingertip.

We provide health recommendations to improve your lifestyle based on science. Should you however feel physically unwell we suggest that you consult your doctor.
Updated on
Jun 30, 2022

Data safety

Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety
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19.8K reviews
Adam Phelps
June 12, 2022
It really does work, to my surprise. Usually most of these apps are garbage, just made so that you download them and then probably give your phone a virus...but this one does work. You can pay for additional features and get more info about yourself, I have only used the free version. It does offer you the first two weeks with added features to see if you like them. Thought it would suck after the free trial but it's still not bad. It does give you good readings with stress and heart rate.
15 people found this review helpful
Did you find this helpful?
Welltory: heart-rate monitor & blood pressure log
June 13, 2022
Hi! Thank you for the high rating. We're happy to see that Welltory helps you expand your knowledge about your health. We put a lot of effort into creating both our app's technological and educational value. With HRV measurements, you can see your stress level, and with recommendations, lectures, and breathing exercises, learn how to deal with it.
Ann Serrano
June 4, 2022
I was having issues so I Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and can't get on. Works with watch. Doesn't work with watch. One min yes next no. Can not change the rating. I can do without the sayings on the feed. Doesn't match the results. Plus I don't want all of that cluttering up the results that don't match either.
20 people found this review helpful
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Welltory: heart-rate monitor & blood pressure log
June 6, 2022
Hello! We're sorry for the negative experience with the app. Please contact us via in-app chat (Menu — Help&Support — chat icon) or email us at support@welltory.com with sharing more details about the issue. We will have a look. Thanks!
Dan Barns
February 14, 2022
Inconsistent, inaccurate. I love that it emphasizes science in its instruction and information and I give them the benefit of the doubt for implementing it into their software. I love the concept and one day software like this will be very valuable. However, this effort and value to the customer is severely limited by the wildly inconsistent measurements and/or analysis of the raw user data. For clarity, I read the directions thoroughly and use it consistently myself.
23 people found this review helpful
Did you find this helpful?
Welltory: heart-rate monitor & blood pressure log
February 16, 2022
Hello, Dan! It can be due to the low accuracy of the measurements you do with your watch. To be able to tell what the reasons are for your inaccurate measurements we need to see your measurement data. Please contact us via in-app chat (Menu—Help&Support—chat icon), we'll check it and help you improve your measurement accuracy.

What's new

Meet new breathing techniques and meditations: open Self-care and try all practices to relieve stress, fall asleep, focus, and find balance

More in this update:

— New bottom navigation bar is already here to get you anywhere in the app within seconds
— Your blood pressure numbers made it to the self-care journal — track them along with your heartbeat measurements, tags, and activities to see what impacts your readings

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