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The superfan's guide to Star Wars - created by fans, for fans. Wikia apps are always up-to-date with highly accurate, real-time information from Wikia’s vast fan community. The Star Wars app features hundreds of pages of content created by fans just like you. Find in-depth articles on comics, movies, television, books, characters, battles, locations, lore and more! No other app offers this amount of accurate insights, tips and information with useful companion features such as:

- Browsing: categories and articles created by Wikia’s Star Wars community and rank them in trending order
- Search: Star Wars articles
- Readability: enjoy a clean text-, image-, and video-browsing experience with font and text layout customization options
- Collaboration: Join the community! Directly connect with the Star Wars community to request more information or suggest changes

The app icon, screenshots and all content inside this app are Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY-SA) and the license details for all of these assets can be found on Wikia’s licensing page: As an official Wikia app, this app fully complies with the CC-BY-SA terms set forth on that page.

All Wikia content and the contents of this app were uploaded by users and are governed by Wikia’s Terms of Use ( We have a team dedicated to enforcing our terms of use, including responding to DMCA takedown notices. For more information please see our DMCA takedown policy:
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