Wunderlist - To-do & Task List
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Review from Amanda Holling
Love it generally, but... (Update: 3/2013: The more I use this, the more I don't care about the issue with my tablet. This is SO much easier and prettier than Toodledo. Thanks, guys.) Love the look and feel & ease of use. Thanks for offering sub tasks for free! Works great on my laptop and HTC One S, but it doesn't play well with the onscreen keyboard on my Asus Transformer TF 101 (not the modified keyboard that Asus added, the stock one built into Honeycomb.) It won't render characters on the screen as you type them; it only displays them after you dismiss the keyboard. Fix that and it's a solid 5-star app!


What's New
* Use Google Now & Search to save a to-do into Wunderlist.
Tap the microphone > say "Make a Note to..." > followed by your to-do, like "buy Milk." Your to-do will then be added to your Wunderlist Inbox.
* Wunderlist now speaks Arabic.
* A host of improvements and bug fixes.


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