Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone

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Zoiper is a FREE IAX and SIP softphone application for voip calls over 3G or WiFi. There are NO ADVERTISEMENTS.

For support please visit: http://community.zoiper.com

Zoiper softphone offers a simple user interface and superb audio quality for smooth Voice over IP experience.

Contact us for whitelabel versions with your logo and company or for our VoiP SDK if you want to build your own solution or visit http://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-sdk

Available for both SIP and IAX systems, Zoiper is a phone solution perfectly fit for end users, service providers, call centers or any business willing to benefit from VoIP communications.

Want to distribute it to your users ? Use the free automatic provisioning system on http://oem.zoiper.com and avoid tedious manual configurations!.

IMPORTANT: Zoiper softphone is a standalone client-side software VOIP phone application and is not bundled together with a voip service. To make and receive voip calls using Zoiper, you must subscribe to any SIP or IAX based service provider across the globe.

Zoiper's key features include:

- Support for different color schemes
- Bluetooth support
- Lowest battery usage with highest reliability / stability on google play
- Lowest latency of all android softphones
- Excellent audio quality, even on older devices
- Supports calling over 3G and WIFI
- Multiprotocol with SIP and IAX support, compatible with all RFC
compliant PBXs
- Background / multitasking support
- Integration with the native android contact list
- Speakerphone mute and hold
- UDP and TCP transports (use TCP for better battery life!)
- Supports g711 (ulaw, alaw), speex, iLBC and gsm codecs
- Supports sending of DTMF
- Built-in echo cancellation
- STUN support
- Change ringtone per account
- Call waiting
- Video support (gold users only)
- ZRTP / TLS support (gold users only)
- Call Transfer (gold users only)
- Wideband audio (gold users only)

Zoiper is also available as customized branding solutions or VoIP SDK, please contact us for more information.

- Phones that are unstable because they have broken audio implementations:
Alcatel one touch series (poor audio drivers cause system freezes and crashes)
HTC one m8 (causes freezes.)

WARNING: using Zoiper as a default dialer may interfere with dialing 911 emergency services.

WARNING: Please use only versions from the appstore, we have reasons to believe some of the (russian) .apk files floating on the web contain a trojan that might steal username and password and make fraudulent calls. The official zoiper from google play is safe to use.
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6 thg 4, 2022

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25 tháng 5, 2022
Trước vẫn dùng rất êm mà hôm nay dở chứng không gọi được gì cả =_=
Nội dung này có hữu ích cho bạn không?
Securax LTD.
26 tháng 5, 2022
If you are experiencing any issues with Zoiper, please contact us via our contact form: https://www.zoiper.com/en/contact
jessica tran
20 tháng 4, 2022
Cho mình hỏi chỉnh thông báo chuông khi có cuộc gọi đến trên app thì vào phần nào ạ. Hiện tại chỉ rung mà ko có chuông
Nội dung này có hữu ích cho bạn không?
Securax LTD.
21 tháng 4, 2022
Please contact us at android@zoiper.com so we can assist you.
yến sào cửu long
18 tháng 2, 2021
Tôt.. có thêm tiếng việt càng chuẩn hơn
Nội dung này có hữu ích cho bạn không?
Securax LTD.
22 tháng 2, 2021
Thank you for your 5-star review!

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