CircleLauncher light
Offers in-app purchases
Review from Elis Szymczyk
excellent excellent job on this. no 'speed' problems on a nexus 7 but it would be nice to have a finer time selection / <.5 seconds for opening animations. also i noticed that the icons will zoom according to finger position like an osx dock. an interesting feature would be to have something like a color or icon follow behind the finger position/behind the app icons like a visual selector in addition to the zoom. great app all around. i love it.


What's New
- ads removed
!NEW! swipe areas to start the CircleLauncher from any screen
!NEW! sort items with drag'n'drop
!NEW! start CircleLauncher from Home button
- added closing animations
- configuration for Parallax FX
- some UI improvements
- lot of bug fixes


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