Simple RSS Widget
Review from Umar Alkotob
Very good, but with YouTube problem. I really like the design out this app. It's very minimal and customizable, but I'd really like to use this widget with the YouTube feed. It didn't even display until the recent update. Now it displays, but it does not link to the YouTube app properly, just links to the XML page in a browser. Please fix this, and it will be the perfect rss reader.


What's New
-New viewer that displays full article
-Fixed major known bugs that caused "No data available" message. If you are trying to display a large number of feeds (especially with images), it can take several minutes to load content. Please let us know any issues you continue to have.
-Fixed crash when importing from Feedly
-Fixed issue of images getting cut off
-Fixed news viewer bug
-Fixed issue of viewer not opening when multiple RSS widgets are being used


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