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Moderate your wireless exposure with ElectroSmart

Your first personal diagnosis to RF radiation

With ElectroSmart you will know wireless around you, wherever you go.

An easy-to-understand exposure index:


You will know the quality of your environment in a look !

*Why worry about EMF exposure?*

It is still unclear whether the RF waves have a long-term effect on human health.
Some suffer, are afraid, others ask questions.

Yet it is not inevitable. We can live very well in a connected world without unduly overexposing ourselves.
With simple habits you will reduce your exposure!

*How to use ElectroSmart*

1 - Discover your RF exposure

2- Identify the strongest source
All sources that expose you are displayed by power. The strongest at the top.

3- Act on it to reduce your exposure
It is very easy to reduce exposure with simple gestures.
Check the impact of your actions with the application.

*The exposure Index*

An assessment for everybody !

- Low exposure

* For who?

Children and sensitive people.
This is not a white zone but not so far.

* When?
When you sleep.
For rest areas (rest room, spa, children's room, etc.)
These are the best conditions to rest in all serenity.

- Moderate exposure

* For who?
It's your daily goal.
In moderate exposure you are well connected to your devices and you are not overexposed unnecessarily.

* When?

- Strong exposure

This is a stronger than the Council of Europe recommendations.

This is common in your life if you are close to a device that emits.
eg if you are within 2 meters of a WiFi box.

Our index is intended as an objective of sobriety of exposure. If you are in the red it does not mean that you are going to get sick or have symptoms.

We do not recommend staying in a strong exposure for too long.
Distance is your best friend to reduce exposure.
When you can not reduce your exposure with distance, then insulation can help you.

** Validated solutions **

You need to put a distance between your connected devices and yourself to reduce your exposure.
But sometimes it's impossible.

To moderate its exposure there are shield products. But still it must be really effective !
We made it easy with our tests.

* Tested in our lab

We are testing all products for their efficiency in our Inria laboratory.
We validate only when there is a reduction in exposure.

* Test everything yourself!

To say it is not enough. You will be able to test every product in ElectroSmart.

A doubt about a "revolutionary" product?

Come talk to us before at

*Other features*

* Be notified in case of strong exposure!
* Diagnostic mode to compare your exposure to others.
* Advanced mode for technical users:
Go to "advanced mode" to obtain technical information on sources that expose you.
You can change the unit of measurement to dBm or Watt for more accuracy.

Your feedbacks help us to improve ElectroSmart

Your encouragement helps us to pursue the project :)

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1. Brand new statistics with
- your average exposure score of the past days
- the top 5 sources that expose you the most
- the number of sources you found
- the contribution of each type of sources to your exposure
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