Floating Stickies
Review from David H.
Super useful I just found this and it's already solved the problem of accessing both email & schedule at the same time. Some things I'd like to see in the future though: 1) saving & reopening notes 2) Dock to other edges or the not. area 3) ability to capture and display a section of the screen (for non-copyable text, etc.). 4) some user-controllable settings such as font & color. Overall though, an excellent app!


What's New
Update v27
- Based on feedback, removed start on boot
- Brought back transparency from update v26
Update v25 (Experimental)
- Removed back button closing stickies
- Added transparency when not focused
- Added low priority notification
- Starts on boot by default
<b>Open Sourced:</b> https://github.com/MohammadAdib/FloatingStickies
Update v24
- Back button now closes stickies
- Added drop shadow


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