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1. 輸入時間等基本信息,可以起奇門盤。參數還可以根據實際習慣選擇類型及盤面起法等。
2. 盤面顯示對應的四柱信息,節氣信息,日空,時空,節氣信息,局數信息,值符,值使,天地盤,九星,八神,八門,九宮等信息。
3. 根據盤面結果,對於轉盤的刻家/時家/月家/年家對應的奇門御定分析,日家奇門也提供對應的分析。
4. 數據列表,提供強大的匹配查詢。允許數據備份恢復等。
5. 可以隨意維護數據列表中的數據。例如刪除,修改等。
6. 提供參數設置,根據實際習慣進行配置。
7. 支持刻家/時家/日家/月家/年家奇門。支持置閏/拆補/茅山/陰盤/換局/手工等定局法。
8. 支持轉盤/飛盤/轉飛結合的排盤方式;
9. 支持用戶自己配制轉盤/飛盤/轉飛結合的起盤方式;
10. 允許即時查看前後盤的詳細信息;
11. 提供中文簡體/繁體的顯示方式。
12. 根據屏幕大小,自動適配Pad和手機版本。
13. 顏色標記門星宮神的五行(可配置);
14. 馬星和空亡, 門暗幹標記(可配置);
15. 支持晚子算當天或隔天(可配置);
16. 轉盤中宮寄坤宮或艮宮(可配置);
17. 增加盤面左右手勢開關;
18. 增加內外盤標記,超過50個吉凶格及每個宮位的克應分析;
19. 盤面點擊宮位彈出本宮的分析信息;
20. 增加輔助盤,可看先天宮位信息及節氣等;
21. 輔助盤有奇門用神提示及年命查詢等功能;
22. 增加奇門找局功能;
23. 支持移動到SD卡上,節省內存空間。
Qimen Dunjia is an ancient Chinese magic number, and is the first of the three types (Liuren and Qimen, Taiyi). It is considered the most rational method, known as the highest-level predictive science of Huang Lao Taoism, and is known as the emperor's science. Its essence is an advanced astrophysics, which expresses the interaction between the eight planets of the solar system and the earth's magnetic field. It is a philosophical expression of the sage's natural changes in the universe and the laws of movement of all things, and it is a kind of image-numerical simulation of the natural prototype. It follows the philosophical view of the unity of nature and man, combining Yin-Yang and Five Elements with four times and eight directions, using the activities of system symbols (Nine Stars, Eight Doors, Nine Houses, Qi Yi and Iori) to form a dynamic and balanced ecosystem. Through the analysis of these system symbols on the board, people can predict, adjust, resolve and manage marriage and love, work, career, feng shui, wealth, etc.

The practical paid version completely removes advertisements and provides all complete functions.

The program provides the following functions:
1. Enter basic information such as time, you can start the odd disc. The parameters can also be selected according to actual habits and the method of starting the disk.
2. The panel displays the corresponding four-column information, solar terms information, day and space, time and space, solar terms information, round number information, value symbols, value users, heaven and earth disk, nine stars, Iori, eight gates, nine palaces and other information.
3. According to the results of the disk, the Qimen Yuding analysis corresponding to the turntable's engraved family/shijia/yuejia/nianjia, and Rijia Qimen also provides corresponding analysis.
4. Data list, providing powerful matching query. Allow data backup and recovery, etc.
5. The data in the data list can be maintained at will. For example, delete, modify, etc.
6. Provide parameter settings and configure according to actual habits.
7. Support Kejia/Shijia/Rijia/Yuejia/Nianjia Qimen. Support intercalation/dismantling/mending/maoshan/yin plate/swap/manual, etc.
8. Support the combination of turntable/frisbee/turn to fly;
9. Support users to configure the starting method of turntable/flying disc/turning to fly combination by themselves;
10. Allow to view the detailed information of the front and rear disks instantly;
11. Provide Chinese simplified/traditional display mode.
12. According to the screen size, automatically adapt to Pad and mobile phone versions.
13. Color marking the five elements of the door star palace god (configurable);
14. Ma Xing and air death, door hidden dry mark (configurable);
15. Support late child count on the same day or next day (configurable);
16. The palace in the turntable sends Kun palace or Gen palace (configurable);
17. Add left and right gesture switches on the disk;
18. Increase the inner and outer disc marks, more than 50 good and bad patterns and the analysis of the countermeasures of each house position;
19. Click on the house position on the disk to pop up the analysis information of the house;
20. Increase the auxiliary disk, you can see the congenital house position information and solar terms, etc.;
21. The auxiliary disk has functions such as magic reminder and age query;
22. Increase the odd door finding game function;
23. Support moving to SD card to save memory space.
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1. 調整系統最低版本參數爲android7。
2. 適配Android11文件分區增加提示信息。
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June 23, 2021
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