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Cool, but I'm still a bit unsure I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept of highlight. OK, so it basically grabs your Facebook creds and friends and notifies you when friends and perfect strangers are near...so, is this a new experience? I guess I don't see the long term benefits. Don't get me wrong it has its positive qualities, and when I find them I'll let you know what they are.


What's New
Highlight 2.0!
We are excited to introduce Highlight 2.0 - the next generation of Highlight. It’s smarter, easier on your battery, and redesigned from top to bottom.
• Live updates! See a 10,000 foot view of the world, with a live, 3D map of the people around you.
• Much smarter than ever before
• See what’s new. When you walk past someone, we'll show you what’s new with them since the last time you saw each other.
• ~5x easier on your battery than Highlight 1.0.
• Polished all around!