Highlight - People nearby
Review from Dmitriy Dotsenko
Must both parties have the application? I wonder if I can receive notifications of people with the same hobbies nearby if they do not have Highlight installed? Can Highlight check public information of other people in Facebook if they do not have Highlight? What are advantages of Highlight comparing to "Sonar: Friends Nearby"?


What's New
Highlight 2.0!
We are excited to introduce Highlight 2.0 - the next generation of Highlight. It’s smarter, easier on your battery, and redesigned from top to bottom.
• Live updates! See a 10,000 foot view of the world, with a live, 3D map of the people around you.
• Much smarter than ever before
• See what’s new. When you walk past someone, we'll show you what’s new with them since the last time you saw each other.
• ~5x easier on your battery than Highlight 1.0.
• Polished all around!