Driving and traveling is a fun and interesting activity. Latest technology helps driver a lot either to reach your destination fast or get notified of interesting places. To give pleasant driving experience, Astra launch traveling navigation application, ANAVIGO.

ANAVIGO equipped with key features to help user in travelling:

- Trip Plan, this feature help you plan your trip. Input your starting location and destination location. Trip Plan ANAVIGO provides alternatives routes which you can choose. Not only that, you can put interesting places you plan to visit and application will remind you when you approach these places. You will never miss interesting places in your trip anymore.

- Find Places, help user to find interesting places or location you need while traveling. If you put these places in your trip plan, you will be notified within 1 kilometer from that place, whether restaurant, ATM, SPBU, café, hotel or etc. You can input your review of that place if you find it interesting.

- Traffic report, this feature will provide latest traffic information along your traveling route. This information is provided by ANAVIGO with Traffic Management Center (TMC) Polda Metro Jaya and Marga Mandala Sakti (MMS) cooperation. You can also share traffic information to help other users.

- Car Emergency, with this feature you can ask for help when you have trouble with your car. Several troubles can happen along your trip such as Jump-start service, lock smith service, flat tire service, Fuel service and deactivate car alarm up to car carrier service to nearest Astra Repair Shop. These features can be used for Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, BMW and Peugeot. Available 24 hours and provided free for AstraWorld member.
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Thanks for using Anavigo!
- We bring you a new feature in Events. Now you can Check In by scanning QR Code when attending an event.
- Bug fixes
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7 Maret 2018
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