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Danamas (PT Pasar Dana Pinjaman) is a peer to peer lending that has an operational license from OJK, committing to provide solutions to the problems of productive business, especially micro businesses in improving business performance which is always caused by classic reasons, namely lack of venture capital and complicated requirements to obtain funding from financial institutions.
Danamas provides an effective and efficient solution by connecting lenders and borrowers together directly through an online system that shortens the time and cost thus it can provide maximum returns for lenders and small payments for borrowers. In this special Lenders application, Danamas provides many benefits for the users. What are the benefits?

Danamas is the first peer to peer landing that obtain an operational license from the OJK and each loan has been strictly selected by Danamas and protected by credit insurance.
lenders are given facilities to fund loans in which the interest is paid directly in advance and the loan term starts from 61 days.
Investors can do funding anywhere and anytime through the Danamas application
Investors are given the choice of funding from various loans in Danamas. There are also other facilities such as purchasing prepaid credit at low prices, mutual fund investments and much more!

Our Features:
Explore Loan
Find the suitable loans to fund and get the yield return from 12% - 20.8% per annum with 60 – 360 days tenure.

JiDo Fund
*New JiDo Fund with advance yield payment!*

Jido Fund is a feature that will make it easy for you to fund loans in one click! Jido Fund will distribute funding according to the loan repayment criteria from the borrower. With Jido Fund, funding will become easier. JiDo Fund is also covered by insurance 99%.

Our Other Features:
• Mutual Fund - Grow your money with our Mutual Fund feature. In collaboration with Sinarmas Asset Management, we provide you an easy way to grow your money up to 10% per annum.
• Prepaid Purchase - Buy what you need with better economical value in our Danamas P2P apps. You can buy what you need cheaper such as Pulsa and PLN Token, Its Easy and save your money.
• Top Up E-Money - Use your E-money to buy something or maybe for a Toll Gates Payment, Top up your E-Money, BRIZZY and Tap Cash using Danamas P2P apps is easier, faster, and cheaper.
• Insurance - Our application is not just funding, mutual fund, and prepaid purchase, but also we have insurance products for you, your family, your car and/or your travel. Here we are easier to apply and free administration fee.
• Simas Discount - Partnership with Simas Point, This feature give you an easier access to find a discount item from a merchants all around Indonesia. Get a Discount and enjoy your special discount item.

Loans Information:
• Amount of Loan: Min Rp. 1,000,000 - Max Rp. 2,000,000,000
• Repayment Period: Min 61 – Max 360 days*
• APR: Min 12% - Max 52% per annum
• Processing Fee (includes platform and insurance fee): Min 1% - Max 37% per annum
• Penalty: 0.1% per day

Tenure: 5 months
Interest: 24% per annum
Loan Amount: Rp. 7,500,000
Processing Fee: Rp. 750,000 (loan amount x interest / 12 (month in 1, year) x tenure)
Lenders’ portion from processing fee: Rp. 437,500
Disbursement: Rp. 7,500,000 – Rp. 750,000 = Rp. 6,750,000
Repayment: Rp. 7,500,000

* Each loan is covered by insurance that will be claimed 90 days after the repayment period of the loan

Danamas P2P – Terpercaya, telah mendapatkan izin operasional OJK sejak 06 Juli 2017.
Alamat kami:
Sinar Mas Land Plaza Tower I Lt.9
Jalan MH Thamrin No.51
Jakarta Pusat 10350

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0882-2422-2001 (WA Only)

0882-2422-2002 (WA Only)

@csdanamas (Chat Only)

csdanamas (Chat Only)
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