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We make music distribution free. You keep 100% of your royalties and rights.

Getting your music out is free and easy with Amuse. Hundreds of thousands of artists across the globe use Amuse to release their music to all major streaming services. Wherever you are, the Amuse app lets you track and upload your songs and albums in a matter of minutes, using nothing more than your phone and your data connection.

Key features:
• Release your music for free to all major streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and many more.
• Upload songs and albums from iCloud or Dropbox to avoid using data on your device.
• Keep 100% of your royalties and rights.
• Collect royalties and request payouts
• No lengthy contracts.

Amuse Pro includes:
• Automatic royalty splits
• Fast lane releases
• Fast lane support
• Music on TikTok and Instagram
• Team members
• Multiple artist profiles
• Apply for YouTube Content ID

Get started:
Sign up with Facebook, Google or email and set up your artist account. Then release some music!

For support or enquiries:

Read the Amuse Pro Terms of Use at and the Amuse Terms of Use at
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11 aug. 2022


Säkerhet börjar med förståelsen av hur utvecklare samlar in och delar din data. Praxis för dataintegritet och säkerhet varierar beroende på användning, region och ålder. Utvecklaren har tillhandahållit denna information och kan uppdatera den med tiden.
Den här appen kan dela data av följande typ med tredje part
Personliga uppgifter, Foton och videor och 4 till
Den här appen kan samla in data av följande typ
Personliga uppgifter, Ekonomiska uppgifter och 5 till
Data krypteras när den skickas
Du kan begära att datan raderas
46,8 tn recensioner
Alexander Psaros
16 juli 2022
So far, so good 👍🏼
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Tico Danielsson
8 juli 2022
I really do love Amuse. Thank you for your service and hard work for us musicians. All do I'm an old fashion guy if I would like to come in contact with you it would be nice to know how thru phone, email? /Happy 😊 costumer.
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Kristofer Mörlid
27 juni 2022
Its not easy to get out of this business I think. I dont want to be a part of it anymore
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