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Nice idea, needs work Good to see the update. 4stars now. Chat messages should be cached offline a la whatsapp. Why no option to share location? Needs to let zoom into pics. Btw how secure is this? Remove the nagging ads pls! Oh and change the app icon to the fruit. Need more interactive stuff. Whatsapp beats this app anytime. Signing in is a pain.
Avocado Software, Inc. April 19, 2013
Hi Pramod - Avocado does not have any Ads. We also do have an offline caching layer, but try to stay connected as much as possible. Location coming soon. Privacy and security is our top concern for Avocado. You can see more detail on that here: http://support.avocado.io/customer/portal/articles/571166-who-can-see-my-avocado-content-


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We’re excited to announce one of our most requested features today:
☆ Emoji support!
Now you can add some extra emotion to all your sweet nothings.
Happy Avocado’ing!