Today one of the biggest constrains for entrepreneurs and creators are the expensive software licenses and, with CADEOS, we want to facilitate this process to everyone by getting rid of the problem with our decentralised software. We will make the creation process and product launch affordable and very easy within an intuitive and user friendly environment.

By tokenising all kind of projects our users can see their ideas and effort successfully implemented. Our platform would will bring an opportunity to those brilliant minds that are stopped by the market barriers.

From the first sketch to the manufacture process, the users can monitor the state of your design in our Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) platform. Factories, suppliers and all the 3rd parties interested will be able to review your Request for Quotation (RfQ) in our platform and send the manufacture price for each component.

With CADEOS you can design any mechanical and electronic component with our decentralised CAD software and promote it in our Community, under the watchful eye of thousands of investors looking for the best idea.

CADEOS platform will host a large gallery of components from thousands of different brands and will be responsible of providing the most extensive resources as possible for an easy product composition.

By creating your portfolio of suppliers you will have the best advice and direct communication with the best professionals in any industry around the world. Each area will have their own communication channels and chatrooms.

With every creation within your dynamic user profile, you will add value to all your products, 3D models, 3D printer parts, electronic schemes, etc., favouring the bids and sales which will be a success in CADEOS Platform. Your work will never be lost or forgotten and will be revaluated from time to time with our token ADE.
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