airGrisu Pro

airGrisù PRO is a professional and complete Air Quality Monitoring app: you can know what you are breathing (Currently, service is available in Europe).

Normally, air quality apps show the concentration of a pollutant present in the air, airGrisù PRO provides personal data about the absorption of pollutants during breath, even during physical and sport outdoor activity, at your specific location.

airGrisù PRO shows data for PM10 - PM2,5 - CO - O3 - NH3 - NO2 - NO – SO2 - PANS - NMVOC pollutants


First of all, activate the geolocation feature on your phone.

Then, press play button to start the monitoring of pollutants and to get weather informations.

To know the absorption amount of pollutants you need to wear a heart rate monitor with bluethoot. We recommend you zephir heart rate monitor (

If you don’t wear your heart rate monitor we will assume you're not doing any physical activity, then the absorption index is estimated at a heart rate of 60 bpm.

You can see two indices of air quality in your place; indexes change color depending on air quality, based on 100 as worst as possible:

Good = blue

Moderate = green

Poor = yellow

Bad = orange

Very bad = red

Air quality index is protected by patent.

The pollutants screen shows how much a pollutant is absorbed. When you pause or arrest the timer, you can see the build up of pollutant. The information box gives you information about the amount of the pollutant of the previous day, the current day and the forecast for the future. In this way you can check the progress of the pollutant.

airGrisù PRO offers:

* Pollutants and weather data – check outdoor air quality wherever you are.

* Monitor your absorption of pollutants during physical activity

* Check pollutants forecast

* Keep an eye on your parameters (heart rate and pace)

* Mind the air quality index

You can use airGrisù to track the outdoor air quality and pollutants data around you and to minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution.

Watch the outdoor air quality at the kids kindergarten, plan the healthiest exercise route and make informed decisions about everyday life.

✓ Perfect for parents and their small children and infants. ✓ Great solution to athletes, runners, cyclists and anyone doing outdoor sport activities. ✓ Important for asthma, lung and heart patients.

airGrisù PRO is based on an international patent, pollutants data are daily updated; pollutants data are real and are based on a European network of air monitoring, they are not estimates and are not aggregated to form a generic air quality index.

airGrisù PRO is free: we try to create a better world.

Note: limits boundaries: NW 69.95, -24.95; NE 69.95, 44.95; SW 30.05, -24.95; SE 30.05, 44.95.
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