La Rockaforte

This project has roots mature, it comes at the end of the seventies thanks to the intuition of Bruno Ployer in Luna Radio Network in 1976 in Italy, was the time of free radio Hit Parade of the endless marketing and the phenomenon of radio was actually the ideal point of arrival for many, but the idea of going out of the fray, to highlight differences with the "other" was for Bruno fundamental need to do something, starting from that classic rock in which all the great artists and recognized the band's roots and had created their own fortunes, it was necessary to limit the movement to avoid collusion with others, had to get out of the fray, evident, it was necessary to create a musical ROCKAFORTE. So it was that Rome Radio Luna gave birth to this understanding of the radio, the torch passed in the mid-eighties to Alberto Naviglio with his "Fortress of Music " before on Punto Radio then on Radio Stand By in Rome, but it was a small container, a single program and in spite of the success was not able to understand all the expectations of the initial project because in the meantime the radio advertising and lived the rock not attracted much. We are now in the third millennium is the time to find solutions to the growing radio sector that is increasingly taking on different platforms, and in the meantime, thanks to the technology and a meeting with Channel 10 TV television Roman famous for having subjugated the famous David Letterman Show
(Http:// Antonello Piscolla between Giorgio Di Marco , then resumed under the previous project with some of the protagonists in the original principle with a dedicated Web channel ( below with the inclusion of the radio channel in the Mux television and a television production directed by Rick Hutton on
radio program with an TV alias
What's more, the frequencies in FM Radio Stand By hosting the production of the RocKaforte in the meantime to get the grant in November the ministry as a service provider to operate with its own TV channel in the region of Lazio in DVBT then from January 1 bouquet Channel 10 TV will host both the radio channel as the TV-related. From 1 January 2012 the headquarters of the radio finally settled in London - Kensall Tower.
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