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About this app

■ Functions / features
1. Write a diary
Write it every day like a diary, or write it only when you feel like it.
Unlike a paper diary, even if there are days when you do not write, it will not be blank, so you can use a whimsical type.
You can use it as a simple one-line diary or a long diary.

2. Manage behavior and awareness
For example, suppose that while writing a diary, you may notice that your mental health has weakened recently, and you may think that you should exercise and take mental care from the physical aspect.
At that time, you can register "behavior" such as "abdominal muscle only 10 times a day" in the app, and manage whether you have achieved it when you keep a diary every day.
It is possible to manage not only "behavior" but also "awareness" such as "child-rearing is difficult, but pay attention to good things".

3. Analyze the words used
By analyzing the words used in the diary, you can understand "words used frequently" and "words used on days with high satisfaction".

4. Encourage action and awareness with notifications
Before the shower every day, I reminded myself that I would give a notice that I would do my abdominal muscles only 10 times a day, and that I should be aware that it is difficult to raise a child, but I will pay attention to the good things at the critical timing of childcare where children tend to cry. You can do it.
It is also possible to remind yourself to keep a diary.

5. Lock the app (passcode lock)
Privacy is the life of a diary, so of course you can lock the app with a passcode.

6. 3rd, 5th, 10th year diary
You can display past diaries such as "I wrote this one year ago, three years ago, and ten years ago."
You can also view past diaries on a monthly basis.

All of these features are free and ad-free.

■ Daily image of the destination after trial and error with this application
・ "I feel like I was able to objectively analyze what I wanted to do through my diary. Yes, I woke up that it wasn't too late to realize my dream of becoming a photographer. Of course, that's it. There's no guarantee that you'll be happy, but at least you won't regret it. I feel like the words that spell out your true intentions, more than anything else in any self-development book, have appealed to your heart. I'll do it, "regaining a dream in life
・ "To be honest, I was a little tired of my repetitive daily routines. I went to work at the same time every day, had similar meals, worked in the same way, and did not feel tired tomorrow. I've been sleeping for 5 or 10 years, and when I thought that this would be the case in the future, I sometimes felt lonely. But my feelings in the diary that I started casually I just recorded my thoughts and thoughts as words, and I immediately noticed that it was like a beautiful thing I heard somewhere that every day is never repeated. It's been the same for many years, like the flowers that happen to bloom for only a few days on the usual road to the nearest station, or the whimsical order of vinegared pork at the set restaurant I always go to is surprisingly delicious. I found a lot of possibilities to do better in the work I was doing in the way, and that kind of thing gradually increased in my diary as a word. Only when I started thinking, "Let's remember," I realized that it's easy to find changes that should be noted every day and opportunities for a better day. " Life will be nice
・ "I didn't think that writing thoughts and feelings in words had such a big meaning. I think that stressing relationships at work and at home is something that everyone has. In my case, it seems that the solution was in my diary. I think that writing a diary made me better at dealing with stress than before. Of course, when I was listening to my friend's complaints, I said it. I don't give it out, but I often feel that it's not such a big problem, but when I write a diary and put my worries into words, I sometimes think so about myself. It was. "Is this the only reason I felt negative all day long?" I noticed later that this seemed to be close to the scientific method of cognitive behavioral therapy. I don't think the name itself is important, but it seems that it has been researched in various places and proved to be quite effective, so I thought it was true. "
(It's just an image)

■ Recommended for people like this
・ "I'm not the type who can tweet on SNS. Every time I think about various things every day, I want to put it into words, but sometimes it's hard to write when I think it can be seen by people. No, I don't want to write only what I want to keep secret. I often hear about things like starting to keep a household account book, pet Kametaro being fine today, core training on the board, and so on. I wonder what the self-affirmation is made of. That kind of thing can be interesting to me even if it's not interesting to others. "Oh, did you think about this last year?" It's fun to have a 3-year diary like this. In that way, if there is a place where I can write what I think freely, I think it will be a little fun every day. "
・ "I also had a child and became a child-rearing person. And while drawing the growth curve of the baby, I thought. I as a child-rearing mom and I as a pre-pregnancy sexy lady. Yes, my next step is to be a sexy lady raising children. To do so, I need self-care so that I can take good care of my child and not neglect myself. Of course, health care. In order not to lose that balance, I thought about keeping a diary and looking at myself objectively. "
・ "I'm not the type who has a strong opinion, but I wish I could be positive and peaceful every day." I think it would be fun to write such trivial things as I'm glad that the muscle training continues for a while, after all it's okay to read, I'm weak in menus using seaweed, kelp, and sea food. Is a gentle boy
・ "It's been 5 years since I put a diary on my paper notebook. I'm finally thinking about migrating my paper diary to a smartphone diary app. Recently, as part of my diet, I'm thinking about weight and various things. I started to record information in my diary. I think it's good to be able to analyze myself objectively, but paper notebooks can't be locked with a password. Women's top like weight. A key is absolutely necessary for secret information. Rather than not wanting to know the weight, keeping the weight secret is a condition for a cute girl. "
・ "I love memos, and I always write memos in the calendar column of my favorite personal organizer and in the to-do list column. What I learned about my future schedule, life plan, and study." From thankful things to meals. But I wrote too many notes every day and my personal organizer was empty. I'm sure this is the depth of my thoughts and feelings, and by extension, to me. I think it's because the inherent room for growth is conceptually infinite, while the personal organizer has the physical finiteness of the area of ​​paper. That's why I use this diary app to make it infinite. Those who don't understand what they are saying, "I'm going to get it."
・ "I've been doing job hunting recently, and I'm doing a self-analysis. So I keep a diary to objectively observe my personality so that I can organize my thoughts and put them into words. It seems that there will be no loss if you can properly introduce yourself and promote yourself, not just for job hunting when you were a student. Also, free apps are helpful for students. " student

If I could do something even a little bit every day, make a lot of mistakes, and still enrich my days by, for example, 1% every week.
Little by little, I'm sure there will be more and more days when I can honestly think, "Today was a good day."
I hope this app can help support such daily trial and error.
Updated on
Jun 7, 2022

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