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About this app


[To you who are trying too hard]
lilm will give you a word and voice about how to reset your mind when you feel "I'm tired ...".

[Lilm content]
Comfortable voice narration using mindfulness and yoga breathing techniques.
We provide the finest meditation sessions (mental journeys) and sleep experiences that combine meditation music and BGM composed and recorded by specialists in natural music and ambient music.

▼ Meditation ▼
・ From basic mindfulness meditation sessions that beginners can start with peace of mind, programs for intermediate and advanced users
・ "Quick meditation" that can be done in 1 or 5 minutes between busy hours every day
・ Set the optimal script for each required situation such as "stress" relief and "concentration"
・ Meditation program "DIVE SPACE" that uses hypnosis methods to improve work performance and strengthen the image of self-confidence and success.

▼ Sleep ▼
・ The best voice program for sleep induction to achieve high quality sleep and good sleep
・ Narration and sleep music to relieve tension before sleep and achieve good sleep, good sleep, good sleep, and deep sleep.
-Plays Solfeggio frequency in the background and can be used as a comfortable "sleep app"

▼ Music / Music ▼
Study, reading, working, sleeping, meditation music and BGM, sound of nature (soundscape)
・ BGM for mindfulness meditation according to each situation such as relaxation, healing, and concentration of work
・ Real natural sounds (soundscape) with high quality recordings of Japanese wilderness sounds

・ Offline function
You can download and save your favorite programs and contents. You can play it even when you are not connected to the Internet (offline). You can do mindfulness meditation anytime, anywhere.

・ Reminder setting
You can set mindfulness meditation and sleep time reminders.

・ Healthcare application cooperation
A record of mindfulness meditation is stored in "Google Fit" by google.

・ PUSH notification settings
You will receive nice messages from lilm on a regular basis.

[Paid plan / subscription]
lilm has four paid plans. By registering for a paid plan, you can use all contents and programs.
・ 12-month subscription for ¥ 6,600
・ 6-month subscription for ¥ 3,600
・ 950 yen 3-month subscription
・ 750 yen 1 month subscription
Both have a 30-day free trial period.
The usage fee will be charged after the free trial period ends (30 days) from the first purchase of the subscription.

[Terms of Service / Privacy Policy]
Please refer to this link.
Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

[Confirmation / cancellation method of contract details]
You can check and cancel the contract by following the steps below.
1. Open the Play Store.
2. Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner.
3. Tap [Payment and Subscription] ⇒ [Subscription].
4. The subscription screen will be displayed. The application you are subscribed to is displayed in the "Valid" item. "Expired" is a canceled app that you have subscribed to in the past.

[About data linkage]
This app supports data linkage with Google's "Google Fit".

=== Knowledge for more serious practice ==

◆ What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is the awareness of breathing and physical and mental movements. It is an approach that deepens the feeling of "here and now" and is based on Buddhist meditation. By practicing mindfulness meditation, it is often said that you can experience your own state of mind and changes.
In addition, the program "Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy" developed as cognitive therapy in the United States has been proven to be effective in reducing stress and improving sleep.

◆ Mindfulness meditation Breathing method ◆
When you meditate, use breathing techniques to calm your mind.
1. Stretch your back and sit lightly on a chair
2. Gently close your eyes
3. Inhale slowly through your nose for 7 seconds
4. Inflate while feeling the air coming into your stomach
5. Exhale slowly through your nose for 10 seconds
6. Repeat the breathing method for 60-90 seconds

The point is to concentrate on the flow of breathing in and out.
Focus your consciousness by counting your breaths. Counting breaths may help if it is difficult to focus. Count in one cycle from inhaling to exhaling. First, let's repeat 10 times and return to the first time. Until you get used to it, you may have some thoughts such as "I'm worried about the sounds around you" and "What are your plans for today?", But it's important to pass them off. By repeating the counting breaths, you will be able to concentrate your consciousness.

◆ Meaning and benefits of breathing ◆
It is thought that the mind and breathing are linked because the mind becomes calm when the breathing calms down.
The biggest merit of breathing is that you can handle your mind efficiently because your body is stable. If you feel angry, nervous or anxious, exhale for as long as possible. By itself, the extra power is released from the body, the parasympathetic nerve is stimulated by the exhaled breath, and the state where the mind and body are calm and calm = "zone" state comes.

◆ Optimize the autonomic nerves to a "zone" state ◆
The zone state is an exquisite state that balances relaxation and concentration. In the autonomic nerve, it can be said that the sympathetic nerve in the tension mode and the parasympathetic nerve in the relax mode are well-balanced.
In fact, when the breathing method that adjusts the autonomic nerve balance is performed, the high beta wave decreases as the value (LF component) indicating the state in which the autonomic nerve balance is adjusted increases, and the frequency component of the brain wave such as the alpha wave and the SMR wave increases. Has been clarified by experiments.
Updated on
Aug 3, 2022

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